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Brandon Grave

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  • Airsofter since
  • Toy collection
    WA 6 limited
    WA 6 IED
    WA/Shooters Design Prokiller Mark II
    WA Cougar Warrior
    WA Target Master m92f
    MGC glock 17 Heavy Comp
    MGC Caspian Weigand
    MGC G17 metal slide
    MGC M93r highgrade custom
    Tanio Koba USP (Sheriff full metal) with full auto, scope mount shroud
    Tanio Koba USP Tactical Unit Full Set
    Tanaka/Zeke kit m29 8 inch
    2x KSC M11 full metal
    G&P M11A1 (steel)
    Kustom KWA BLAde II custom
    KWA auTo 9 with metal slide (yes ask questions please..)
    KSC/Zeke slide m93r
    KSC/Shooters Design kit M945
    KSC/Zeke Mk23
    KSC G18C
    VFC HK416
    Marui/Guarder kit DE Full Metal
    Western Arms/Prime kit Hardballer
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    United States

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    Engineering<br />Milling/Metalworking<br />Automotive Tech<br />Martial Arts<br />Gunsmithing<br />Custom Prop/ Action figure fabrication
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