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    2005 properly, collecting guns since 2000
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    Have: Classic Army M249 Para with Full stock and Box mag, Classic Army M15A4 Tactical Carbine, Classic Army M15A2 Rifle, Star L85 A2 Rifle, ICS Mp5A2 SWAT, Tokyo Marui AK47 Spetsnaz, Tokyo Marui FAMAS F1, JG M733 Commando, KWA Glock 18c, HFC Glock 17, Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 Stainless, Tokyo Marui M9 tac master, Tokyo Marui Sig Sauer 226, Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Hardkick, 2 x KWA Glock 19 with metal slide

    A truck load of mags, batteries, scopes, tac lights, etc etc.
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    very very bad words
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    United Kingdom

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    Southend-On-Sea, Essex
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    Drummer since 1998, I have 2 sexy kits!<br /><br />Mapex VX Series in a custom Plasma Sapphire finish<br /><br />Mapex Pro M Series in Cherry Fade finish<br /><br />And a load of pedals, stands, cymbals, etc :P<br /><br />Airsofting and Guns :D
  1. Spantney

    What's your backup?

    I have 7 pistols but my preferred backup to my AEG is my TM Sig with 2 mags in a waist holster and then a HFC Glock 17 in a thigh holster, with 3 spare mags for that in tactical vest. Sorry for the dodgy phone camera pic. Cheers
  2. Spantney

    Videos Thread !

    Here is a video of me shooting my Glock 18C: Clicky Enjoy Ant
  3. Spantney


    Pictures of my guns

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