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    geardo with no team...
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    TM m16a2
    TM m733
    TM MP7

    JG M16a2
    CYMA AK47s

    TM hicappa 5.1
    TM glock 17
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    buy gear or die!
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    United Kingdom

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    down 'ere south! isle of wight!!
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    gear and booze!
  1. bought a holster from seller arrived prompt and on the day he said it would! would recommend buying from him

  2. snip3r


    bob trying to copy me and my rpk role the little theif
  3. snip3r


    me with my rental AK in a RPK role took inspiration from marlowe (got 3 or so before i took to many rounds to stay there)
  4. snip3r


    at this point it was me vs a few others of the enemy team...i took to reloading my 600rnd hicap in mid fight so i could survive...i spent a few mins with yams stood above luaghing at me as i threw BB's at the others
  5. snip3r

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    i agree i just finished my 11 years of school yet i feel i did not have enough education......only reason im not doing anymore is i feel the millitary is more useful to me.... my rant is people quoting others DIRECTLY UNDER the first post!!! WHY WE CAN ALL *FRUITCAGING* READ FOR *FRUITCAGE* SAKES!! and another thing is my boss i hate him he is useless and does not have a clue!!! GRRRR!!!
  6. snip3r

    civcon attempt

    meh heres my attempt
  7. snip3r

    mp5 pics


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