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  1. Charly Driver

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Marui Colt M653 Carbine, U.S. Army Special Forces
  2. Charly Driver

    1911 Picture Thread

    1911 'Driver & Lover' Custom, designed on my needs and handle. Target: issued M1911A1 upgraded with early '90 "Jim Hoag" style modifications, for law enforcement use. Internally and externally almost entirely handmade. Completely repainted. Real weight. External changes: - Improved slide, with BO-MAR sights (WE). - Extended recoil-spring guide. - Vertical housing (LCT). - Extended slide-stop (Tanio Koba). - Kimber style non-ambidextrous extended safety (Guarder). - Wilson style extended mag relase. - 3 hole trigger (Guarder). - Series 70 style Hammer (KM). - Metal Diamond Checked grips, wood painted (Western Arms). - Screws (Airsoft Surgeon). - Grip tape. - Suppressor (G&P silencer and WE adaptor).
  3. Charly Driver

    1911 Picture Thread

    I've tried to build the Terminator 2 1911, a lower frame Detonics Scoremaster with a black Series 70 upper slide. I used parts of two Western Arms Series 70 and other some WA parts. The screen used: Movie stills: My work:

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