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  1. I got a new dboys aksu then started artificial weathering/used look... dragging in asphalt then burning the handgrip but i'm not too sure about it.... what do you guys think? (first time with wood)
  2. Starkarms g17 diy slide Replica rmr Silverback lasergrip
  3. sry, phone cam... CYMA AK47 from 5 years ago ( I think) artificial wear, scratched on rocks and gravel, used a filer for the rail painted silver for the plastic reciever, natural rust steel top cover/trigger.guard plastic wood... burned with a lighter to imitate heat + looks cool edit: will post better quality when I get to my computer
  4. @CplHicks You definately need a fake SAPI plate in there... me i just took a pinboard laying around me house, layered 2 on top of each other, cut to shape the vest and taped the edges
  5. JLS Rx4 w/accessories sry phone camera Like?
  6. Excuse me... Is that what o think it is? Playing mp3 musics? If so, hows the quality? Any bass?
  7. Oh, im sorry, my bad, i meant the opscore H-nape (iphone small screen) The lid is indeed a replica, the first actually, i had it posted somewhere in the forum. Its a tan version, wrapped in MC... The ARC rail color was a mistake, i bought a lighter spray paint, but the lid is made of carbon fiber and has the opscore logo inside it... Way better than the current clone... I believe mine has protection quality... Sry for the typo Edit: the original color of the arc rail is the color of the vas shroud
  8. it is far apart compared to the real one, but i've got a wide shoulder... in game, i didn't even notice it, i love the design of the JPC, its light and literaly cool (air flows one the sides), even if its a clone
  9. gear inspired by plante... (economic version) yes its all chinese gear, except oakley and opscore... gotta get rid of the pinkish MC since its very very old, thats when the chinese are still trying to copy MC 6-7 years back... but to be fair, TMC / emersion MC is not bad! the BDU is washed out old, been with me about 3 years ... (first crye bdu copy) the bladder, grenade, dump pouch will be replaced when i get some cash to dispose the Rx4 is a giveaway from the gamemaster, i overhauled the inside, repainted it, and it shoots very nicely... if your a multiSHAM hater, but i
  10. sorry, but i'm not as rich as you... edit: its bcuz of your pics that inspired me to get a JPC... (and it was a birthday gift)
  11. just got my ACM JPC... sorry for bad lighting, will post better if i get the chance...
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