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  1. I got it a couple of weeks ago, it's my first silvia and i'm completly in love. It's got coil-overs (Tanabe front, GP sport rear) unknown extractors into 2.5 inch exaust A silly pod filter set up that sucks hot air from said extractors And tires made out of recycled shoes from thailand
  2. externally needs a flip up front sight and some d.i.y 10rnd mags
  3. Na dont drift chris, is mates car I took pics of. Though hopefully i'll have a S15 soon, maybe then
  4. truth.... says the 7 red promy ones I have stiiing next to me. The tip where the bb gets fed through is to tight/ tappet plate spring is not strong enough, so bb's dont get fed as far in as they should causing jams, random fps's. I hate them
  5. Got A Canon 450D yesterday, my first "real" camera its awesome Took this sunset yesterday.
  6. Only thing changed was a warming filter in PS, taken on a canon A530
  7. Make a post you lazy bugger

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