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    TM M14, CA M15A4 tac carbine, KWA Glock g18c, KJ Works Bretta 92f, KJ Works Sig P226, CA B&T MP5SD

    More coming as soon as I can afford it lol
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  1. Those are G&G mags aren't they? I think that's how they are.
  2. Mmmmm.... loving the Black Hawk Down look there. Very nice.
  3. Mr6

    SA80 Picture Thread

    Is that easy to fit? I'm *beep* at messing with AEG's, my local airsoft shop (6mil) love me cause I break mine if I open them and have to buy new ones lol Joking aside, what's the issue with the 'blowback'?
  4. Mr6

    SA80 Picture Thread

    Hi guys, not a pic, a question, please forgive. I'm in the market for an SA80 (L85). What to get, Star or G&G, my local airsoft shop has the latter so would save on shipping etc. I'll post a pic soon as I get one
  5. If you don't know your M14 from your M21, this site will be of use http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/m14.htm
  6. And if you're a brit, like me, most of that would land you in the nick lol Thanks for the answer anyway.
  7. Is that a 'dummy' mag with fake ammo? If so I want one! Where did you get it?
  8. It was BHD that made me get my M14+aimpoint in the first place.
  9. You think so? Aimpoint or telescopic scope for me. I have an aimpoint on mine most of the time. Check my avatar.
  10. Now there's a test. How much bashing can an M14 take before it snaps! lol
  11. Did you have to dismantle the hopup, or does the rubber and bucking stay in place when you slide the barrel out of it? That's what's putting me off. Memories of when I changed the barrel on my CA M15A4
  12. How much of a job was fitting the tightbore? Care to post a 'how to' with pics? Gets you rep:)
  13. Keep it as it is. It looks very, 'Blackwater sniper' as it is.
  14. Ta for posting that, just done it to my TM OD M14 too, nice
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