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  1. Anachronism327


    So after going through all the pages of this topic as best I could. I finally took the lunge and picked up a bog-standard LM4 from one of my local stores. This is my first GBBR, and I have some questions. 1) How to you maintain this thing? The store recommended airsoft silicone spray for the mags, hammer, and nozzle, but the manual mentions not to use it and use oil. I'm gonna head down to a local RC shop to pick up some. I figure 30wt? 2) What's generally the first thing to break in this gun? I've heard that the bucking wears out first, but what does next. If no one can tell me this from experience, I suppose it's a testament to the reliability of the gun. 3) I'm the devil's minion (read: Left-Handed). I have the PTS ambi switch coming in. Anybody put one of those in? any issues? I've watched a video install videos and it doesn't seem like a problem, but if anyone has tips please let me know. 4) So that Delta ring is difficult to move. Is it worth it to buy a Delta ring removal tool or is there an easier, cheaper way? I've put about 10 magazines through it and got it zeroed in with iron sights. Down the line I've got a red dot and other goodies for it. Loving the recoil on it and using it as a testbed for my team's foray into picking up a common GBBR. Thanks in advance.
  2. Anachronism327

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Glad you guys a small review on it gunfighters, I am definitely gonna check it out at your store when I get the time.

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