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  1. clockwise from top left - Tasmanian tiger hydro pack + pantac flat pouch, TacticalTailor 3 day, Snugpack 35 rucksack, pile of Rack and Alice gear, Pantac RRV, LBX 0300s with ATS shingle, Eagle universal chest rig skd version with PIG lo-pro straps, various Eagle pouches.
  2. cool man, the logo on the grip is really nicely done. did you grind off the old and and then re-engrave it somehow?
  3. muchas gracias! exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. thanks again!
  4. sitting home sick from work, snapped a pic of my G&G combat machine mk18 build awaiting a paint job and KWA sr-10 that I'm slowly turning into a blockII m4.. also needing a fresh paintjob... still need KAC style rear sights on both, need a 14" barrel and new flashhider on the blockII, the mk18 needs a cqb length inner barrel so I can take the silencer off once in a while. Is there anything I'm forgetting or overlooking? I'll probably keep the blockII stripped down since it's my field gun, no need for lights and lasers. Maybe an Elcan spectre or a magnifier for the Eotech. where can I
  5. Playing at HolyCowz New Port Richey most weekends now

  6. link: http://manymakings.tumblr.com/image/38443070192 in case I bodged the embedding Started life as a bedroom photo of Lord Sex in 80's VBSS gear if I recall.
  7. hand is out of the cast, im back in the game.

  8. MAV over the Spear BALCS armor is the way to go. super comfortable.
  9. I bought an AK "as a loaner" and like it so much, now I'm already contemplating my second...
  10. is there a tutorial for that somewhere?
  11. U-line cardboard box spraypaint - is the tan. it is darker than Krylon tan. started with that, added krylon OD in splotches and krylon Brown in REALLY FAST stripes (the faster you go, the thinner they are) and then blended with a dusting of the U-line spray paint again. I tried to keep the green and brown layers as light and dusty as possible. I stole the U-line paint from work, I imagine you can get it in the U-line catalog.
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