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  1. Tada! http://www.bingoairsoftworks.com/magpul-pdr-c-polarstar-fusion-engine-conversion/
  2. How do you like the ASPIS? Seems like one of the more under-rated PCs out there.
  3. Day 1 of Operation Northern Light in Trenton, MI. Day 2
  4. This I can agree with. Cheapo ABS receivers, pot metal receivers, etc don't respond well to hitting the ground. This where you've lost me. If a tab was broken by being dropped then it's not resilient to drops. Granted, it really depends on where the PDR (or any airsoft rifle) lands when it gets dropped. Granted, there are plastic bodied weapons (both real and airsoft) available that probably can withstand some serious punishment as far as drops. This drop test video of a G&G CM pretty much shows that plastic bodied rifles can be resilient ( ) But still, it's probably too
  5. Good to see some MiA representation on Arnie's. Nice collection, Arc.
  6. Hmm, I recognize that upper receiver and bits... very nice.
  7. RE: Troy Rails The Troy Alpha Rail is designed to clamp onto the existing barrel nut of the rifle. The older Troy BattleRail TRX had a priority nut. This nut needed to be threaded onto the receiver and then the BattleRail mated to the proprietary nut. There is a licensed copy of the BattleRail available from Madbull, and mounting this rail, just like the real one, requires the proprietary nut. The Troy Alpha Rail does not, as far as I am aware, have a replica available. I installed an Alpha Rail onto a G&P barrel nut (attached to a G&P receiver) and it fit fine. It was
  8. Seems like people really got caught up in the hype for this product. I'll admit, I was excited for a AR-magazine using bull-pup with Magpul stylings. The trouble is that, despite the hype, the PDR is just another AEG. It doesn't really introduce any new or innovative features or even features that we haven't seen before in many different iterations. The only thing it brings is a new and interesting form factor. And that all has to be considered in light of some of the internal design choices that PTS' OEM has decided to make. Frankly, people will still buy this rifle. A lot of
  9. QFT. This is a review thread, right?
  10. Dude, it's a picture thread... people post pictures here. +1, QDRenegade.
  11. Fitted an M16A1 upper since I couldn't find the proper A2 style. Both the upper and lower are G&P, but it took a long time to A) get the super tight delta ring off the original upper receiver and B ) get the new upper to mate with the old lower. Part tolerances in airsoft are non-existent. Plus, the USPS fairy brought me six shiny new 'nades to try out.
  12. Has KWA announced whether or not they'll produce an M16 variant of the LM4 or the parts necessary to convert the M4A1 variant into an M16? Does any manufacturer yet produce the necessary parts to go from an M4A1 to M16?
  13. OP: What's your height and weight? edit: nevermind, answered in video: 5'7", 145. Anyone have any recommendations for a better hydration + storage solution for this PC given that the EI MAP won't work well for it?
  14. Both Miles and I (we're from the same local forum/state) have added Troy Alpha rails to our G&Ps. The Alpha rail uses the existing barrel nut to attach to the rifle, so if you've got a G&P delta ring assembly on your rifle, you can disassemble it down to the nut and the Alpha rail will attach.
  15. Whole lot of good stuff on the way!

  16. Lovin' all the Michigan FNC goodness. Keep up the good work, guys.
  17. Installed mine into my G&P using three orings rather than the spring. Works like a champ. I used a guarder clear bucking and nub, and (as mentioned previously) the arm does press the nub/bucking fairly deep into the barrel. Right now I can't have the hop-up set entirely off, but it doesn't seem to affect performance.
  18. Anybody have a decent source for the large spring that goes around the barrel? Like in this photo: http://i791.photobucket.com/albums/yy192/Vindicator65/IMG_0427.jpg EDIT: And Kojak already asked...
  19. Win! So jealous, was really looking forward to going, but then I got a real job...
  20. Is there a good list of which Cyma AKs are VFC-style and which are Marui-style? From what I understand the .040 is VFC-Style, but the .047 is not despite being the higher number. Confusion reigns.
  21. Cry. I too was planning on going... and then new job. Nice M16A2, Sigma.
  22. Replica JPC Pantac open-top 5.56 pouch Pantac utility pouch (multicam) Random radio pouch (Thanks, Pagan) Random double 5.56 pouch Camelbak Armorbak Carrying: 7 5.56 Magazines tools, batteries 2 liters, water Radio MICH 2000 with Rhino Mount standing in for the new ECH.
  23. Awesome, can't wait to see it at a game.
  24. And ordered... Just couldn't resist. Purchased from Airsoftoutlet NW in the United States. Comes with two faux plates, three fast mags and the carrier itself.
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