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    Tactical Tailor MAV One Piece-Woodland
    4x TT Triple M4/pouches-Woodland
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  1. Maannnn... I cried in laughter reading your cybersex backfire story! HAHAHA

  2. Your insurrannnncee is going uppppp ninja..

  3. Aw, is Grim mad that his 9 out of 39 AIMS kits is not that exclusive anymore? Aww. Just to be nice, I'll put a 5.45x39mm magazine in it and a 7.62x39mm muzzle!
  4. http://www.rsov.com/advanced_search_result...19d84c5&x=0&y=0 Done.
  5. Crunchy, get an Element AK74 Full stock body and an ACM Romanian sidefolder stock, and that gun will look damn good.
  6. You have no room to talk Mister AK caliber ######. One of the 3/16" bolts on your AK are mispositioned by a few mm. You should just burn your AIMS and start over, because it'll never be perfect now.
  7. VFCs are better than all other AKs. Period end finish.
  8. You're not very pleasant on any body's eyes.
  9. Except for the part where, well, you don't win.
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