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  1. Finally have something to post in here. Pretty much done now, save for a few little bits such as securing the radio cable. Job for some web dominators I think. Condor harness and belt, with a Viper belt running through it. 4 x Bulle dual M4 mag pouches 1 x Bulle OD dual pistol mag pouch 1 x ACM tan dual pistol mag pouch 1 x ACM MBITR radio pouch 1 x TAS 7.62 open single 1 x Bulle fold up dump pouch 1 x Box mag pouch (Unknown brand) 1 x ACM P226 SERPA holster
  2. Oh thank god for that. I was starting to worry that I may end up with an M4
  3. So I wouldn't be able to buy it and play right away? What's actually wrong with the PTS out of the box? I'm sure it's in the thread somewhere but like I said, it's 92 pages long and I doubt anyone has that much patience.
  4. So, to keep it simple after 90+ pages, for someone who is interested in buying a PTS Masada (Me, basically), is it worth getting? Is it a good gun to buy and that 99% of the time they all work fine right out of the box?
  5. I finally have something to post on here Not really anything special. I think it's a RICAS style PC but I'm not sure, got it cheap off ebay, stiching already coming loose after one game but oh well. 3 x Bulle 5.56 singles (Will soon be 5) 5 x TAS grenade pouches 1 x Bulle MP5/Pistol mag pouch 1 x admin pouch of unknown origin. Only there to fill up space on the front. Nothing mounted on the back yet though there will be a radio pouch and possibly a load carrier or hydration pack at some point
  6. Our thoughts are with you AnakChan. Really hope you don't have to use your evac pack
  7. I have to ask, why the Polish name?
  8. Bjorn, there's hope for your order yet. Mine arrived today, all present and correct.
  9. I've just emailed them to see what they have to say. Should be interesting to hear their explanation for why my order was apparently delivered after 3 days yet nothings turned up yet
  10. Last week on the 25th I placed an order through tiger111hk, and quite worryingly 3 days later, without any sign of my package, the order status was updated to "delivered". I know I haven't waited the required 7-14 days yet, but this has got me troubled a little so I'm wondering if anyone else has ordered from them and got the same message. I do have a tracking number but no idea what service it goes to.
  11. Must admit I liked it, the one time I played there anyway
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