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  1. Awesome pic Hammerhead! Looks a lot like it was some kind of magpul dynamic's class lol. From yesterday:
  2. Raven 6


    Few "artsy" pics of my Mk12 build which is pretty much done except for it missing a suppressor or flashhider.
  3. Raven 6


    My SPR'ish work in progress based off a KWA SR12. What's missing: -harris bipod (almost here). -Scope rail mount for a future Docter sight -Peq 15 which is also on it's way. -Foregrip, probably Knights Armaments. -Crane stock -Butler creek scope covers (on their way) Also on my list is changing the scope mounts for a more decent pair.. not urgent though. What I'm still debating, is which flash hider/muzzle break to use. I'd love to use an SPR FH/silencer combo, but the barrel assembly is one piece. I'm thinking on a vortex flash hider.. but I'm not really sur
  4. I'm on the left. NSW inspired loadout... the full aor1 road is too crowded, so as a team we're adopting aor1 pants and MC shirt and gear. I'm losing the black duty belt and swapping it for a rigger's belt. Then it's just a few bits and bobs and I'll call it done. I might add a helmet down the road.
  5. My baby after some vacations on the island of Krylon
  6. My cheapo full metal SY P226
  7. Charging against the camera lol Should have used my plastic bayonet though..
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