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  1. You can check your warn logs by clicking on the "x%" (x being the percentage number) meter just to the left of your warn bar. This should show you who has assigned warning points to your account and why. I just clicked that link and I didn't see anything G19 related Hope that helps
  2. Hi, Yes it probably would except for... People looking for general bargains would have to trawl through several different sub-forums, No matter how many sub-forums we create, there will always be something that isn't covered, There will be people who don't know where to post which means more work for moderators moving posts around, At the moment, the sales forums wotk pretty well as they are. I understand your concerns but you are the only person to suggest this in 18 months. If other members want this kind of sorting done in the for sale forum, please post here. Now the last point
  3. Update.... I have received a PM from this thread-starter and have approved a future post providing that no commercial entity that the user has business interests in is advertised on the forums. As such, he/she can post to inform other Airsofters of the use of Airsoft in the media, but cannot advertise, promote or support the products or services offered by any commercial entity related to such information on this occasion.
  4. Indeedy. And therein lies the problem. At the moment the "Most users ever on-line" meter gets updated every few days with a new record high as more and more users hammer the server. This site is probably the world's most popular Airsoft site and it is being paid for by an Airsofter. Now we can take a look at a site like the BBC which handles far more users and hosts a lot more content. But that is being paid for by one of Britain's biggest corporations. Arnie's Airsoft is almost a victim of its own success at the moment and demand is starting to outstrip supply. We are looki
  5. Well I did try, but I guess I'm just too subtle
  6. Thanks all, Sorry I have been particularly scarce the last few days but my ISP has been having "difficulties" this last week. Hopefully they will get their act together soon and I will be able to stay online for more than 3 minutes at a time. As time goes by I should be able to wrap my head around the entire administration system which should see features like the "News" pages getting going again - yey! Cheers.
  7. R22Master


    Hmmmm, I have seen this little glitch pop up mainly with sub-forum icons, and it normally just fixes itself on a subsequent visit. I've never seen it with poll posts though.
  8. Sorry but I don't know the exact times off the top of my head, but ... ...sounds about right to me
  9. The edit button does indeed disappear after a set period of time. This period of time can vary depending on the forum where the post exists. For example, we can all agree that an edit button should disappear fairly quickly in a "For Sale" forum as it could allow the seller to change details of the trade after an agreement is made, leading to dishonest trading. The edit button may last noticably longer in a forum like "Off Topic" however as there are less serious ramifications involved with altering the contents of one's posts. Basically, the edit button is designed to dissapear aft
  10. Hiya. The IPB forum engine is actually a PHP software program, but it reads and stores data in a mySQL database on-line. The faults you have experienced are a result of failures in the mySQL database rather than the IPB system. Basically, the sheer popularity of this site at the moment is causing the server to just get overloaded at peak times. As the mySQL database is bearing the brunt of the activity, it is this part of the site that is slightly more prone to glitches and minor outages. The situation is known about and the owners and operators of the site are looking at vari
  11. Hi all, As you may have noticed the site has been getting a bit slow lately due to the massive increase in its popularity, so a few tweaks and upgrades are scheduled for the next few days that should hopefully increase the speed and reliability of the site. There may be the odd outage due to the installation of these upgrades and changes, but we will try to keep any down-time to an absolute minimum. Many thanks.
  12. I am inclined to agree. Everything that could be said has been said, and I am spending most of my time deleting arguments and posts that are just designed to start arguments from this thread. Decision made, announcement made, thread closed. Let there be no more about this as this matter has been deemed closed by Arnie.
  13. Thanks for the comments so far. One thing that needs to be said though is that this is a decision that the owner of the site has made and we will not see this debate restarted as to who was right or wrong and whether Sid should be banned or not, and how. All of the information regarding the decision has been stated by Arnie and as he said, "I would now consider the matter closed". Now let's get on with enjoying the forum. P.S. - Oh, and Lord_Jebus - your post was not deleted because you disagreed, it was deleted because you had blatently not read what Arnie had said, then yo
  14. Hi all, Arnie is still unable to get to a computer terminal to post about this himself, but he has made a statement that he has asked me to put up here on his behalf... So that's it - Case closed. Now let's get on with enjoying the forums
  15. Yes, that is entirely possible. Have affected users checked to make sure that there are no "content filters" installed on their PCs? That would explain it as some work from a hotlist of banned / unsuitable sites, and others just block any site that mentions words like "adult", "sex", or "gun", etc... If there is no such software on the PC you are using though, it is likely to be a blocker either operated by your ISP, or somewhere in the link between the ISP and this site. Hope that helps
  16. Very very odd. Well, there is no facility built in to this site that can give you a "blocked" message, so it is either your ISP, or a conduit server between your ISP and this server that is denying you access. First port of call should definitely be your ISP. If they know nothing about it, you can always trace your route through to this server to find out other possibilities that may be blocking content for whatever reason ("tracert" in MSDOS). Very very odd
  17. Hmmmm, how odd. If you are actually getting messages saying that this site has been blocked, it is most likely your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that has somehow deemed this site to be "bad" Talk to your ISP and ask them if this URL is on some kind of "Banned" list on their servers. If it is, explain to them that you want to view it and that there is no legal reason why they should stop you from viewing content. A threat to move to another ISP sometimes helps too Good luck
  18. Hi, The option of having scripts run from signatures is disabled to stop some people from running malicious code. It is necessary unfortunately as a nasty script could do some real damage to the site and the computers viewing it. Sorry.
  19. Again, it has happened a few times for me - clicking anything in range seems to eventually get me to the page I want. I guess it is just a minor bug with the "Review Database" engine. As this thread exists though, I am sure Arnie will be able to take a gander at it as he has time.
  20. Yes, my "Mark specific forum as read" did fail to function the other day, but when I logged in today, it seems to be fixed. Is the problem still evident for you GR?
  21. Cheers. Actually, I just spotted your thread and it had been deleted. The thread itself was most likely deleted because you were asking for advice on upgrading with regards to an M120 spring. This spring will usually produce a muzzle velocity of 400+ feet per second which is well above the 328 fps limit for discussion on this forum (all fps ratings stated above are with 0.20g BBs). Hope that helps
  22. The way the forum works is as follows. You post a new thread / post. Immediately after, you are diverted to the page that contains your thread / post. If you can see it, it is on the database, so everyone can see it. If it disappears after this point, it has been removed by a moderator or admin. 99 times out of 100, a quick trip through the Forum Rules will tell you why it has vanished. Personally, I don't favor deletion as it leaves the original poster in the dark and the tendancy is for them to just post again. If a thread is truly offensive, I will normally blank it, add a co
  23. Aha - yes, I see what you mean One for Arnie to sort out methinks. Arn - can you change the username resulting from such a search and (if possible when you have time) instigate the language barrier on the registration process? Cheers
  24. Glad we could get it sorted. I have now removed all posts made during the incursion, including the entire "am best" thread. Case closed. Thread closed.
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