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  1. Zing! My ICS M4 with a King arms casv.




    The CASV was a small nightmare to fit on. But I love it now. :D


    yup their a *badgeress* to fit arent they




    did you get the delta ring thread to fit? mind didnt, so i modified the old one to take the new bits, eg a hole drilled for the tube and dremmel out a section for the tabs on the delta ring.


    worth the effort though i love it!!!


    what battery did you put in it too? i got custombatterypack to make me a 9.9 2200 the goes on top and under the barrel, its permanantly fixed but its a big battery :) if i need i can just tag on my PEQ as a reserve

  2. one this that bugs me just a little latley is on the nice new front page news, all the images are clickable, so w get a news story that we get all excited about, then it has images, we click them to see a bigger image and NO its just the same image but by itself.

    Can image either cle ckickable and BIG or not clickable please :)


    It might sound petty but look at the latest madbull gas gearbox, tiny image, would be nice to easily see that bigger etc :)

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