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  1. Hi there all, i just tried to fit a G&P M4a1 lower receiver to my G&P CQBR , but the rear receiver holes seem to be misailgned, which causes the gear box to twist in the body and the rifle not to feed. Has anybody else had this problem with this MBK, its the GP174B. Its driving me bonkers! because i bought it on-line in June, but only got time to fit it this weekend gone. Sent emails to the store but they dont reply. Sorry to post in pic thread, but you all seem to know so much, and didnt wont to start a new thread, thanks!
  2. Ubar, did you break in too wolf armouries?
  3. My first picture post.
  4. My first picture post.
  5. Yes, if you drink to much water you wash the salt outa your body, and then have a stroke, or something along those lines. Its very bad. Met a runner who this happened to, she was paralised down one side and had to teach herself to walk &talk again.
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