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  1. I recently purchased a KJW P226 as a replacement for my much loved (though woefully fickle) Browning Hi Power. I wanted a full metal pistol that didn't cost the Earth, was reliable, and had plenty of spares/shiny bits with which I could tinker. After a mulling over and many, many hours of net research I narrowed it down to a KSC/KWA USP and the P226. The grip on the P226 is just better, I don't like the square front of the USP grips. Anyway, I bought it from Wolf in person so I didn't have any courier issues, and I was able to buy a Guarder nozzle there and then and have it fitted. I
  2. I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this because, to be honest I can't be bothered to trawl through the entire thread to see if this has been said before. WGC have the metal gearbox for the M249 in stock.
  3. After months of waiting around for there to be a picture of me or my Famas taken in the field on digital (a few of you may know my opinion of digital photography) I have one. It was taken at DefCon. For all other pictures from DefCon have a look at the fireball thread on UKAN. edit: anyone who can tell me how to stick pictures in without having to attach them would be a legend. Also, the green is a lot darker than that, I think the sun and flash worked in unison to overexpose the shot.
  4. It's a space for me too. It's suprisingly noticable. Something so small and yet obvious and weird to all the usuals. I thought there was someting up with my computer when I had a mooch over this morning. I'm glad it's not just me though.
  5. Arnie if you need a mod for the stupidly early hours then I can do it. I am always online around that time. Edit: I might even learn to type.
  6. Were you at Dover on the 15th?
  7. I remember reading about that in the news a few years back. I don't think it ever made it into service though.
  8. Yeah being in Kent the mud is really claggy. I took them out in the rain yesterday and they still aren't; clean. Plus they are suede and the mud clings to them like snot to a blanket.
  9. nah I'm wearing pair of Scarpa's, but I stepped in the mud in one of the foxholes caking my right foot in mud. It should also be noted that the picture was taken at the end of the day hence why none of us have much TaQ gear on. It should also be noted the picture is form the Invicta Airsoft site.
  10. Mine has a rail on it allowig the Moscart to be added, and if I really wanted to I could stick an M203 on there, but it would take a bit of work due to the lip on the famas foregrip.
  11. Youc an stick layers of Mousemat on the cheekpiece, if you do it well noone can tell it is layers. Anyway, I finally have a picture of my Famas in digital form. Here is my team (Team Centurion) from last weeks Dover game.
  12. My dad has one and I just love using it so I thought 'what the hell', as soon as I have finished the Famas I shall get teh VSR and work on that. Then I should be finished.
  13. I have my SV but I detest digital cameras so no pics online for me. However, it is an SV with a mosquito molds moscart on it, tac light on the top of the barrel, 4x32 scope on the handle, and foam on the cheekpiece. I am tempted to get it upgraded to 328fps, But I want to get a VSR next. Choices choices.
  14. So, I look like a fool. I shall change the setting now.
  15. It's an hour behind. As I write this it is currently 0017
  16. Look, it's in the constitution, I have the right to bear arms. If I want to carry this concealed in a public place then you can't stop me no matter how many of you army boys they send over to take it back.
  17. They are superb. Frenchie went way above and beyond sourcing me a Famas from a local rental site when he rang me and told me they didn't have any in stock. Any order I have made with them has always come the next day, even though I placed the order at 1620 and later. Postage costs are reflective of what they actually are. When Frenchie was fixing my gearbox he rang me at each step telling me what was the problem and how he would fix it, and more importantly how much it would cost. Superb guys, dedicated to the sport and professional to a level that I sadly don't see much of any more.
  18. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT *Duff braces himself for the telling off that will result*
  19. Yeah you may have got me, but you will never have my repsect, the safety sticker is still on.
  20. They never could grasp that they needed to capture a hostage before the world would take notice.
  21. Duff Beer

    I want me some fun!

    Seconds later TaQ had it mounted on his Glock.
  22. Bloody Northern Plod. They get to swan around in their Imprezzas and look what we have to drive around in. This dump. How the hell are we supposed to catch anything in this piece of ######? I tell you, no wonder crime rates are soaring....
  23. Does anyone know how to make a leg holster for this?
  24. See, it's not that heavy. Stick an RIS rail on it and I bet you I can get it on my Armalite
  25. Duff Beer

    Small man or Big cup?

    chug chug chug chug chug, Ah go on you woos
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