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  1. I suppose it's not as bad as the woman I saw yesterday who thought walking around with her hand over her mouth (bit not her nose) would provide adequate protection
  2. Tbh I''ve found some parts of this lockdown quite enjoyable. I've been a fan of social distancing for years anyway, my local Asda is really quiet and the local smackheads usually found begging outside it are gone. Also is it wrong to laugh at all the people who think wearing a builder's dust mask or manky old scarf will protect themselves?
  3. Another common issue with the WE Makarov is the loading nozzle has a habit of cracking. Whilst it may be easy to replace, it's still a pain in the *albartroth*
  4. We'll it appears this come on Eileen virus has a few positives. No football or eurovision can only be a good thing, also the shutdown means Work closing has been delayed for an extra 3 months so I've got a bit longer to find a new job
  5. What's a better feeling than when you've bought a new gun? Winning one. I got myself a nice new Ares Amoeba Striker SA02 from Combat UK in the raffle at RIFT's The Village last sunday
  6. I have actually. A review should at least have a bit of info on performance and how it handles rather than just copying what's printed on the box. Also if you look at the results of the polls you put up with them you'll see I'm not the only one who thinks this way
  7. What a pile of absolute drivel. You haven't provided any guides or reviews, just scanned and uploaded the booklet for some *suitcase* springers that nobody is interested in hoping it'll get you attention and make a name for yourself. At least have the decency to be honest about why you're doing it
  8. There are better and easier ways to get the attention you feel you didn't get as a child
  9. That's because the Beretta 92FS and the M9 are the same pistol. M9 is just what the US military call it. Do you have boxes for anything other than crappy market place springers?
  10. Nothing like sitting back and watching people reap what they sow. If you treat people like don't be surprised when you ask for their help you're left swinging in the wind
  11. Weren't most Wesley episodes *insert naughty word here*? I haven't seen the show for years but I remember him being the one I'd "accidentally" leave behind on a hostile planet
  12. Watching stupid people get all upset on social media as they try to defend their stupid decisions by digging themselves into a bigger hole. The guy really thought it's ok to play airsoft on government owned land with public access because he can't afforđ the green fees at his local site
  13. Because used car salesmen are a bunch of lying *suitcases* who'll say anything for a sale. When my mrs bought her first car it turned out to be a pos, so she took it back demanding a refund. They only reluctantly agreed when she showed them a 2 page report from another garage listing every fault and saying it wasn't roadworthy and threatened to go to trading standards if they didn't. The cheeky bugger then asked if she wanted to see if there was anything she liked the look of on the forecourt
  14. The worst I've seen was a guy on the M25 doing about 60 eating a burger and steering with his elbows whilst tailgating the car in front. Anyway, the saga of my SL8 continues. I fitted an 11.1v battery (as recommended by the tech guy) and I managed to only fire off about 10 rounds before it locked up on me again
  15. We'll when I finally got past the accident there was no sign of a car or trailer so I don't know where the traffic website got that from. However there was a wreaked motorbike and a page white sheet on the ground with a suspicious looking lump underneath so I don't think moaning about being stuck in traffic is really on
  16. Edit: removed as I'm not going to *badgeress* about traffic jams when some poor guy isn't going home tonight What doesn't help is when idiots get out and wander off so when the traffic finally starts moving their car is blocking the lane
  17. Having one of those days where nothing is going right. Going to pick up my SL8 the train was delayed by work on the track. Then to get back I decided rather than waiting 40 minutes for another train, I'd get a taxi only for some twat to roll his car and trailer blocking the motorway so I've now been sat in a jam without moving for almost 45 minutes
  18. Oh the joys of the annual visiting relatives. At the start everyone is talking about how they haven't seen others for a year and within 20 minutes you remember why
  19. The supply of spare parts etc is down to GHK though, unless a third party is responsible for making and distributing parts
  20. Not that's obvious, also I want to make sure it isn't a phishing scam before clicking on any links
  21. So this year a family member decided that rather than give out Christmas presents, he would make donations to UNICEF in other's names (I've no problem with that). What's annoyed me is that now I'm getting several spam e mails a day from UNICEF USA begging for more money with suggested amounts that take the mick, eg $150 and no clear way getting off their mailing list
  22. Exactly. If something far cheaper will give the same performance then many will simply ignore it.
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