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  1. Anyone already tried that GB? ..and does it really comes non-anodized? DOC
  2. I finally got myself a WE MSK modular handguard and I can tell you, it wasn't easy nor fast to get hold of that part without buying a complete MSK. However, it does look really sweet and I thought I should share some pics with you :-) Installation was rather easy, as I only had to lathe two small adaptor/spacer pieces to fit it (pics/specs on request), so now the handguard fits very tight. DOC
  3. BTW, finally got my very own Masada :-) S/N MPTS89154 ProLine CQB, black Obviously one of the latest units, as mine seem to have the reinforced GB shell as well as a red (?) aluminum nozzle..pics maybe later. DOC
  4. It's a 4mm hole/rollpin, so I would suggest a pin-punch wit a slightly smaller diameter of about 3.8mm ;-) DOC
  5. Just FYI..some new stuff @ EHA: long.. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/action-aluminum-urx4-5-slot-keymod-handguard-for-pts-masada-aeg-long.html#.UvTnKH-9KSM ..and short http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/action-aluminum-urx4-5-slot-keymod-handguard-for-pts-masada-aeg-short.html#.UvTngX-9KSM DOC
  6. Thanks for the info, I think I may try the wiitech one first. DOC
  7. Beside that "S.L.A.S.H." (I still prefer the std RIS).. does someone knows more or even tried this CNC HUC from Ace 1 Arms: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ace-1-arms-cnc-hop-up-chamber-for-pts-magpul-masada-aeg.html#.UuE4C3_GKSM DOC
  8. Found this accidentally, never saw that frontend before.. http://fgtec.militaryblog.jp/e478941.html ..you may also want to take a look here: http://fgtec.militaryblog.jp/e396420.html DOC
  9. Wow, I thought the ACR uppers are anodized and that looks obviously like it´s just paint (a wearing anodized surface does not look like this)... I guess PTS did that cause it´s easier that way to achieve that spot-on matching colours from lower to upper receiver but I hope, at least the black ones are really (hard)anodized. Can anyone with a black ACR confirm that? ...however, I will buy it anyhow DOC
  10. The winter spring is weaker. ...that´s normal, real AR´s do/sound pretty much the same, just a bit less due the stronger recoil spring D.O.C.
  11. Review G&P WOC SR-16 URX Shorty D.O.C.
  12. Take a look here: WOC M4 pics D.O.C.
  13. I have not the NO complete gun, I just installed the MB-Kit along with some RA-Tech upgrade parts to my WA base. So, cycling with oem WA bolt is no problem and recoil stays the same... Wobble between upper and lower is a bit too much for my taste but the gun works, only on FA I got issues sometimes and have to switch back to semi. Also, the space for the trigger guard was a tad too narrow, I had mod that area to fit a Magpul Enh. Trigger Guard. On the other hand, installing the MBK was a breeze and with the cheap, although the shiny surface finish, the gun still looks far more rea
  14. The INO receivers are not made of steel, they are made from forged alloy like the RS counterpart. I have one here... actually a nice metal body but wobble between upper and lower is really dissapointing. D.O.C.
  15. How did you fix the whobble? D.O.C.
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