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  1. TheAverageAsian

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Im guessing a SOC 16 barrel with a flashider-integrated silencer.
  2. TheAverageAsian

    SIG Picture Thread

    Internals It is not a m4 that looks like a SIG but a SIG that looks like a m4 (and bloody awesome too).
  3. TheAverageAsian

    What's your backup?

    Primary- m4 or m14 Secondary- for the m4, i take two glock AEP's and a hi-capa 5.1 for my m14 Ammo- For m4= approx. 800 rds For m14= approx. 300 Glocks= 200 (they get a fair bit of using) hi-capa= approx. 100

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