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  1. Alrit thanks...I will have to get the guarder one then...
  2. Well...I can't really aford a real one...not now at least.. I really want to know the eye relief of the GP ACOG as I am planning to mount it on a M14 and it's going to be in front of the iron sight. If it's eye relief is too short then it will be very hard to use since hte M14 already has a long LOP.
  3. Hi, I am thinking about getting a ACOG, the GP one. Other than the zeroing problem some gets, it's supposed to have a really short eye relief too. So, my question is, can any GP ACOG owner tell me the actually length of eye relief it has? Thanks
  4. well, i brought the RAS with a $18 slim rail cover and a $10 light mount. The whole order costed $147US and a further $16 shipping. Then the customs and parcel force placed a charge of £28 on it.
  5. dunno...I suppose the two on the right could have had recoil pads whereas the one on the left had the original M14 butt. or maybe the guy placed the two shorter rifles further up just to take this picture...
  6. na...I guess I am being picky here but what I wanted is the scout length: The scout length i wanted is the middle one, the G&G one is the socom length which is the one to the right..So it's slightly shorter than wht I want... Then there is the fact tht if I had the money to buy an soc 16 I would probably save up a bit more and get an SOPMOD... thanks for the suggestion anyway..
  7. it just looks so good... I gotta stop looking at this before I want one..(and with no money to get it..)
  8. Thanks Was gonna get the STAR one but I guess I just can't stand the wait...I am probably gonna get a shorter outer barrel, M1A scout sort of length...just need to do some photoshop first thou to see if it will look good...and of cuz need to wait for some one to make one...
  9. it's a harris bipod, the br "rotating" model (ie the shortest one). I am not sure but I think the bipod came with this sling stud. As there is already a hole in the M14's stock I basically just screwed the stud in with the nut included and installed it. But I don't like teh feel, it just feels a bit weak (the stock) So I won't be installing it on my rifle, I just added it for the photos... It's a ATN compact reflex sight. I think it's not quite worth the money it costs, you could save up another £60 and get a eotech...however it's a good sight, it has a light sensor tht automatica
  10. more pics...atm I only have a flashlight and reflex...but i like to keep it simple anyway...don't need too much on it..
  11. thanks for all.. anyway, yea, I was going to mount more stuff on it but: 1) USPS is awfully slow and so my scope hasn't arrived yet 2) The flashlight mount I ordered with the RAS doesn't quite fit my flashlight well and doesn't fit the rail very well either...I will need to do a little filing first. 3) Was getting a laser for it but since it's impractical and most importantly I don't have any money left...So I dropped the idea... Anyway I might mount the light and a reflex on it for some pics tonight...
  12. Now...before you read this. if you don't like the whole idea of a m14 with rails and want to post things like: "OMG you manage to turn a m14 into a m4" Please just leave this thread... Anyway, back to the review. It came with a tube protecting it and instructions The unit seems to be made accurately. All the rails looked well made. installing was easy althou the instructions weren't very good. you basically remove the original heat shield. clip one of the part into the receiver. Slip the little piece of metal sticking out in the front of the RAS into the front. put the spac
  13. not sure wht you mean... basically you turn the cirular thing on and then when it's tight, use the grub screw to secure it...
  14. ah...ic... I am going to skimish with it this weekend..might post some pics later Let's hope I can get the scope mount and hi-caps this Sat.(everyone uses hi-cap and plays short games in this field so I have no choice...) I found tht I can do 3/4 inch groups at 7 or 8 meter standing with iron sights and tht's without a tightbore...The performance seems to be quite promising so far.. At stock power it penetrates one side of a coke can...haven't chrono it yet the M14s are now around 2800HK here in Mong Kok but I think there aren't any OD ones left...only a few wood ones.
  15. Just got my M14...quite accurate for a stock gun...really happy with it...got it for 2400 HK dollar It's just tht I found tht the inner barrel is the same as other ones by the look at the user guide...
  16. they are 470 but dentrin don't have them either...So we will have to wait. I believe fareast stated a date earlier in this thread
  17. thx.. good tht I asked...almost bought a systema barrel for it... also good tht I paid deposit and have a gun hold for me....
  18. hey fareast... is the inner barrel of the m14 the same as other AEGs? Damn I am so excited...Just got called by Dentrinity tht my gun has arrived...gonna pick it up on Sunday...
  19. You also get bdu and a helmet....not bad at all... you can even pay via paypal..
  20. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...1&st=&p=entry I created the above thread but it stopped half way so it didn't show... could a mod delete it for me? thanks
  21. I knew someone would say tht... I forgot why i had it there actually.. probably because the receiver pins were stuck..
  22. My sp M16 With Real steel grip, bi-level mount, ATN digital reflex sight
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