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    From the album: My Para P14

  2. My KJW para full metal have finally arrived and after a afternoon of polishing it now looks like this.....it seems like it doesnt like top gas....kick is really light with top...I will have to try green gas...also going to buy a hogue grip for it... btw does anyone know how I can somehow remove the KJW made in taiwan mark?
  3. no matter how much better it is than the super 9 it's still not as good as the VSR and I don't even like the VSR.... get a Maruzen L96 most ICS guns now are better than TM....and ICS is no where near the super 9 (as in way better)
  4. like tht P14 and the hogue grip... mine's on it's way from Hong Kong....can't wait.... Did you use longer screws to fit the grip?
  5. my points!!!.....they are all gone.....nooooooooooo
  6. Speaking of photoshop, does anyone know how to put camo on a gun in a pic? I saw someone on AR15.net doing it... I want to know what my guns will look like with camo so tht i can decide whether to paint it or not....
  7. Yea...dunno why he didn't do it since real steel grips fits straight on without any mod...
  8. it's in the project section... the review is in the mod journal
  9. thx....I thought noone was going to reply.....
  10. Nothing special. ..just my sun project M16, more like a M653 actually(carbine version of the m16a1 with a pencil barrel) with a new "real steel" grip. Was only getting it cuz it was cheap, but once I installed it, it really looks and feels quite good.. Still waiting for the atn compact reflex sight and Cavalry Arms Socom Stock(LE stock) to arrive Soon to have a Troy MRF forearm too. BTW: I am not tapeing the dust cover close
  11. Is it just me or the board just changed settings?....whenever I go into the thread I only see the first post and have to click to see the reply in tht tree view thing.... How do i change my settings back?
  12. For some reason I am subscribed to the UK for-sale forum, everytime someone posts a new topic I get a email, how do i unsubscribe?
  13. here is my CO2 m24, metal G19 and ICS M4.... All without photoshop (except two of them I removed the background....) a few more pics on http://community.webshots.com/user/tataka
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