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  1. I just installed Firefox 2 today and now when I go to www.arniesairsoft.co.uk it looks like this: How do I change it so it looks normal? In IE I don't have this same problem. I already tried reinstalling.
  2. Yeah that G3 is classic... Is that a metal receiver?
  3. Great photography in that photo album. Looks awesome.
  4. Its an abomination of all that is G36, no... all that is H&K!!
  5. I wish I had pink carpet...
  6. Well done. That looks excellent.
  7. Is it freezing cold at your site?
  8. Three cheers for Arnie and the new box!
  9. ^^^^ Wow, that looks like a computer rendering rather than a photograph.
  10. You never cease to amaze Obi Wahn! You wanna give us the rundown on your kit?
  11. My new (used) CA G36k C-Rail G&P KV Stock
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