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  1. OOOOOOH. I think this might have to be modded into an OTs-48K!
  2. Grip and hand guard you can replace no problem. The stock is a no-go. You would have to grind off the rivets of the rear trunnion, and replace the whole thing including a new rear trunnion to fit the stock you like. it could be done, but the expense would be greater than finding the gun you like from the start.
  3. if you don't mind... where are you picking up the new reinforced Guarder frames? No places seem to mention new version, And it would be nice to go with the new slides they seem to have coming...
  4. The 97B is growing on me enough that I may ditch my AK fetish and just go modern and simple. SO... question... has anyone tried fitting an Ambi mag catch yet? It seems to me that they could be made to fit, then maybe tack-weld a larger paddle/cam so that one could release the mag with your thumb just by pushing back.
  5. Ah! I see! I stand corrected! Very nice! Do there happen to be any Chinese stamps or markings on the back of the rig? btw, Chicom is short for Chinese Communist. The slang Chicom gets used for more than chest rigs.
  6. er...sure about that? That's not a Real Sword gun pictured...
  7. quick question to those who have experienced/own both; How does the WA M4 felt recoil compare to that of the KWC Mini Uzi?
  8. Thanks for that, Magsz
  9. The barrel on these new VFC's, is it now steel or is it still aluminum? Prefer someone who has checked this with a magnet and not the usual "feels like steel" answer!
  10. SO... which brave soul will be the first to retro-fit this sucker into a SCAR???
  11. As far as off-measurements... how about the receiver length and top-cover length? Are they longer like airsoft AK's, or can a real receiver cover fit? other than that, looks the tits!
  12. So, now that this has been in the hands of enough people for a bit... how about some mid/long term action reports? Any niggling problems? How is that folding stock mech holding up? rust? Accuracy? good stories? general gripes or praise? anything you would change? Anyone have anything to say about the bayonet? The folder was nice because it sits so low that mask clearance is wonder-full.. how about the full stock? Having been one of the first in the U.S. to own one... I fell into a temporary financial crunch and had to offload it within weeks of pur
  13. JESUS you're very lucky. people! Co2 is over 800 PSI unregulated!!!!!! propane is less than 200. Not something to joke with!
  14. @ r.ocelot, nice Emerson! I've enjoyed my CQC7 for about 5 or 6 years now, love the wave feature to death, as my torn and worn jeans pocket can attest to! I seriously think it's faster than an automatic.
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