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    Perhaps we should try returning effective fire about now?
  • Birthday 02/05/1989

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    FAMAS F1
    Glock 19
    various other pokey bits

    COMING SOON/if i ever afford it

    ICS M16A3/M203
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    (while pinned by a hail of fire behind a box) well this sucks OR (with upper crust accent) perhaps we should thry returning EFFECTIVE fire
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    United Kingdom

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    UK, Hampshire
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    Airsofting, Rugby, Football few million other things.
  1. Un_FriendlyFire


    Oh....someones filming this?
  2. I say those bushes look very funny
  3. Un_FriendlyFire

    I want me some fun!

    Listen up chaps!...this is my boom stick!
  4. The British army starts training courses to bring itself into line with american doctrine. Hear we see american-isation of lighting fires...
  5. Un_FriendlyFire

    "The Farm"

    The Top secret training facility
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