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    Perhaps we should try returning effective fire about now?
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    (while pinned by a hail of fire behind a box) well this sucks OR (with upper crust accent) perhaps we should thry returning EFFECTIVE fire
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  1. Green lol Hoo-ah! I was the wee lad who cleared the killhouse after the third try, finally not getting cut down lol
  2. Me in a very wet and muddy day of skirmishing today at ambush Chobham great action shot by mate who was playing marshall, just going round that corner to flank some bugger shooting us from the other side (got him ) , Great fun, ill try and get all the pics online at some point somewhere if anyone was there and wants them PM me. Sorry about the blurring it maybe bad camera-work or it may be water one lense but hey
  3. OK it probably isnt "oh noes" , although it might well be "oh noes" for the poor guys in the back
  4. Why oh why couldnt there have been a Decent L85 for when this pic was taken eh? Aye taks me back two years to my first AEG skirmish with mates lol Damn looking back my shemagh looks very out of control
  5. ok i want to see some M16s of any type preferably modern style flattop or carrryhandle mounted so i can decide how i want to do it, especially if you have an ICS M16, also appreciated greatly would be pictures of M16+M203s mounted properly with the heatshield
  6. Un_FriendlyFire


    Oh....someones filming this?
  7. Cheers dude, is that rep system ever coming back?
  8. Where can i get that picture of the baby on its own?
  9. I know its a bit of a sick one if anyones seen it but has anyone seen a picture around with a spoof box of cereal called Shard Flakes? I saw it playing Counterstrike ages ago and i just sat there laughing at it
  10. I believe the system is good but it allows the immaturity of users to manifest itself. For example i got a - point from someone because his opinion differed with mine on something and he negged me, iagree with the positive points only system.
  11. I say those bushes look very funny
  12. THat first pic is definitely a real steel stripped down. I love the silencer and scarily enough that looks real as well (thank god they dont really have silencers on ) AG36s make the L85 look kinda....too long
  13. Am i right in thinking that you can fit a Sun project M203 on an ICS M16A3 seeing as they all have same barrel?
  14. Ive got a ferocious table knife somewhere lol UK issue machete "normal" swiss army knife Infantry bayonet Ka-bar Some obscure little tiny flick out knife thats worryingly sharp Scuba diving knife for ermm...diving?
  15. Un_FriendlyFire

    I want me some fun!

    Listen up chaps!...this is my boom stick!
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