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  1. wolfspider

    For sale

    Airsoft bits and pieces I'm selling on the forums
  2. Due to the fact the Prowin's mount onto the front of the gearbox it could be that you're feed nozzle is now sitting further forward into the actual unit itself. Turn it upside down and look down the feed into the hop and see where the feed nozzle rests in-between shots. If it's sat too far forward it will not allow BB's into the chamber, which would give you the feed problems you're experiencing.
  3. I've used a Madbull shark bucking and a cut down Madbull python barrel in mine since getting it upon release. I've kept the stock hop unit as it has worked fine for me, range has always been great and I've never struggled in woodland play.
  4. Four of my team, myself included, own VFC PDW's. Out of the four guns I seem to be the only one with the purple VFC motor, however the ROF between all of our guns is similar depending of the batteries we use, so I can only think you have a bad motor Beserk. Having had my PDW since they were first released and having used it as my goto primary since then, I have only had one failure that wasn't self inflicted. My bushings wore out, which I then replaced with bearings and since then it's been an absolute naildriver. The PDW is the best gun I've ever owned, I think I'd rather die than sel
  5. When will the KWA KMP9 be released in the UK???

  6. This guy is the perfect example of a good Airsoft player. I don't know anyone who has a bad word to say about him, and that's very rare indeed.

  7. good comms, speedy payment, quick delivery. Nice bloke :)

  8. Smooth trade, no hassle, good comms. Would recommend.

  9. Damn good player, right attitude, right kit. Not bad human being too.

  10. Tis a lovely piece of kit Basho, your review and video do it much justice. I love reading reviews written by a author with a good sense of humour, as yours ably demonstrates, not to mention being choc full of Team Beans references, we appreciate the mention fella
  11. I haven't had a problem with any of my VFC midcaps spliting, just the one that won't take over 68rnds, I've now relegated it to my last back up mag. I'm a bit concerned about the fact they are glued and won't split without force, especially as they are quite expensive in my neck of the woods if you get it wrong
  12. My wonderful Fiancé

  13. Cheers for the reply USCM. Has anybody split one of the mid-caps for theirs yet? I have one mid which will only accept 68rnds, I had a look at stripping it down but only got as far as removing the top feed and spring/follower, It looks to me like they do split, but can't see an obvious way of doing it, bar brute force that is
  14. I bought one recently when ordering the RA tech lipo barrel kit from WGC, it's lasted a grand three skirmishes , last Sunday I was stood talking to team mates when suddenly the PDW dropped off my chest and landed on my feet, upon inspecting it I noticed two the ball bearings have disappeared which caused it to drop off, not really impresssed since my ICS one has supported my M4 for well over a year with no issues. USMC - That hand stop is really asthetically pleasing, off hand, do you know if I could get one shipped to the UK?
  15. Very good guy and teacher..Love you man hope you know it. Big respect !!!! TAKE CARE :)

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