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  1. Really, really dislikes timewasters. "Yes, I will buy your stuff" "Ok, here are my details" nearly two days of silence and then "I've bought something else"

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    2. StarMonkee


      I did warn you Shedmond *insert smug face*

    3. TheFull9


      While it's definitely not the best forum in the world, there's lot of buying/selling that goes on over at zeroin, if it gives you more chance of moving the AUG and getting to game I say jump on it mate, and sooner rather than later. No real reason not to, considering what's a stake,

    4. Banshee_Will


      AH that place.........

      *Don't read the product description, then ask a bone question crowd*


      I had some bloke who was going to collect a gun and he never showed up!

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