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  1. 198121_10150428646680411_749810410_17726454_3598050_n.jpg

    Ckinnerly, Me, and Darklite


    Opening fire on a guy hiding in some tractor tyres


    Closing the gap to get the guys behind him




    Bitches, down.


    Screaming for cease fire and weapons safe after realising the guy I shot in the tractor tyres has lost a lens from his eyepro.




    All at MA6.5 :)

  2. "Pretty basic courtesy" appears to be a completely alien concept to you, as it's something I've never seen you extend to another forum user.





    The forum mods here have to deal with an astronomical figure of whining morons, and I suspect it's not so much being afraid of any follow up, but the "follow up" 9/10 times being


    And therefore completely pointless to deal with/respond to.

  3. You're not a proper biker till you've learned to fall off properly :P

    Think of your indicators and break lever like you'd think of a safety when on range. When in doubt, give them a tap ( i.e, push the indicator button to turn them off a couple of times, tap your gear lever down at all lights)


    And assume that someone is a complete *bramston pickle* and is fiddling with your bike whilst you're away from it: Check your sparkplug cap, and petrol tap every time you get on the bike.

  4. DSC00800.JPG

    Not that exact one, but same model. Non runner, just needs the carbs cleaning, £270, Nexxus exhaust, and about £400 of brand new unused parts have been fitted about 3 weeks ago.


    But it's on the proviso that I get my full bike license within 3 months of returning from NZ... time to get selling/saving!

  5. Ssssshhhhh :P


    Is it wrong that I'm thinking of putting a Perr Mike can on it? :P


    Incredibly, incredibly wrong. His cans are sodding nice, but canned L85s look so horrible. I will look around where I am for a flash hider. I know one of my friends got hold of one, so maybe he can get another. Not sure he's made it fit just yet.

  6. Operation: Morning After 6, Arnies Airsofts forum regulars invite only game at Gunman Tuddenham in Suffolk.


    BUST EM. Held off the entire enemy team from three sides virtually on my own for about 10 minutes :D


    WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?! My latest victim walks off ( with several others) after a BFG shaped present...



    After a hiliarious pistol run after the enemy failed ( for the third time) to properly clear the area.



    With Marlowe down and a baddeh directly outside the windows, I try to find out which one of the ten trillion windows he's going to be in...


    GOTCHA. :D



    Safezone walting.

    Epic weekend, so damn funny. More to come probably.


    All pics courtesty of Fullauto :)



    Wales: A country.




    No. Never has been. Principality of England since countries existed. Thems our bitches yo.


    Also, I'm sure there is some sort of truckers charity, but the difference between a truckers job and a soldiers job is enormous. Soldiers dedicate their lives to each other and people they've never met, have people ACTIVELY trying to kill them on a daily basis. Truckers drive. They do it for money, nobody is trying to kill them ( since they're the deadliest thing on the roads).


    Help For Heroes exists because the soldiers aren't looked after properly. It doesn't give a flying *suitcase* about what war we're in, why we're in it, or anything like that. I appreciate you're all "it's not our problem" about Afghan and Iraq, but don't drag politics into charity, especially not one like H4H. It's not like they supply more fighting soldiers to one side or the other, they help British citizens wounded whilst in service. End of.

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