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  1. Dear god i wish it snowed enough in the UK to get Schneetarn... it's just so nice! ( the camo that is )
  2. I'm not a knife guy ( don't see the point in em personally, but each to their own!) but I do have a large pile of various bayonets... Couple of pig stickers, two WW1 sword bayonets, an Afrika Korp knife, a nasty lil bayonet that is a cross when viewed point on, a zulu era bayonet ( british one), some form of scimitar, and a genuine zulu spear, as well as some sort of Arabian decorative knife. Loads of things.. i'll post up a picture tomorrow, maybe some of you guys can identify wtf I have...
  3. HurricanE doesn't. It's only the Chinese ones that ghost.
  4. The Austrian works surprisingly well everywhere actually, but its favourite environment is Autumn/Winter and dead everything... and its par with a ghillie in a pine forest ( where its designed to be used)! I hearts this thread, some ace pictures!
  5. Hooray for centuries of war meaning we have fortifications and barracks everywhere lol I've since got rid of the M4 ( or rather, its currently selling for parts), and got an AUG military, and I have a MOLLE belt to put my dumper, two shingles and a holster on... I've replaced the mag pouches in these pics with 8 shingles too, as they take AUG and M4 mags equally well. Also got a project under way to fit OPS kneepads into a pair of the trousers, and I have a MICH 2002 on the way in OD for pimpage. Going to get a cover made up for it with foliage loops,
  6. You'll have to let me know how that goes, cos even though I haven't had a chance to test it properly, I'm none too impressed with this dual hop up ######.
  7. Gah! Why did somone have to make this thread?! I love the look of Eotechs, but I aim better with irons, dammnit! *groan* but they're all so pretty... and expensive..
  8. Well, at the moment ( being cold and all) it refuses to run on HFC134a. At all. It rolls the BBs out the barrel, and thats it. On green gas however, it's much nicer. Plasticy, but good plastic. Weighs NOTHING without the mag ( its bigger than a bastarding Desert Eagle mag). Weird as hell BB stack system, instead of them stacking side by side, they stack one behind, one in front :S Nicely built mind you, no wobbles ( except in the mag, but it seems to actually shoot better, but if you try and push the mag flush, it just spams gas. Got a nice bit of kick though on green in my house... so w
  9. Fn57 USG, 6mm and apparently the blue writing means mine is limited edition... Sounds to me more like someone *fruitcage*ed up with the painting!
  10. D'oh, my bad, I somehow managed to misread Desertfox as KNUDI ( on Multicamaddicts he's got a PMAG modded for his PTW) Personal epic fail...
  11. Ok yes, i'd have an Enfield, in fact, that'd be better due to thorough Britishness!
  12. It's a PTW, with PTW Mag internals in a PMAG. Although, how come you came to the conclusion that the bolt was a deciding factor I don't know... ALL M4 AEGs have a fake bolt, covering the gearbox and hop up... same with PTW!
  13. EDIT FOR EPIC FAIL. I am not a gun
  14. Sea Devils at Urban Assault, UK. Austrian Fleckmuster ( I think possibly the most difficult camo in the world to get hold of nowadays!) with any OD kit we fancy. Most of us use MOLLE webbing though. Sea Devils ( only a handful) @ Spec Ops weekender Aug 2007. This was our summer kits first outing, Tropentarn, OD gear ( although now we're changing to Coyote Brown gear and pads etc, and Dessie boots)
  15. Will do mate. Ebaybanned are pretty trustworthy, and I know someone on ASCUK asked about compatibilty with rhino arms ( talking of which, where'd you get ACM Rhino Arms from? Never seen em!) and whatnot and Paul said the Norotos is good quality, and can happily hold the real ones nice and secure. With the prices at Ebaybanned, I'm pretty much going " What have I got to lose?". £75 for two helmets, two NVG mounts, a Crye copy helmet cover, and posted! *fruitcage*in' A!
  16. Jsres, do you think a flip up sight ( for example a PRI flip up or the VLTOR sight tower) would work with CX kit?
  17. Interesting how few 2002s there are about... I've got the Ebaybanned one incoming, then I'm going to buy his MICH 2000 + 2x NVG mounts ( Wilcox and Norotos copies) deal, wack the Norotos on the 2002, then goggle straps ( no goggles, I use glasses), bit of OD velcro ( my 2002 is the OD one, for my team loadout). Not gonna bother with the arm, just mount for cool factor.
  18. Which is a damn shame, its the only revolver I'd ever have! If they brought one out, I'd do the whole British officer loadout.. either that or have it just on my usual rigs.. and of course you HAVE to have a lanyard and whistle.
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