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    From the album: Mesoft

  2. Shriven


    From the album: Mesoft

  3. Shriven


    From the album: Mesoft

  4. Shriven


    From the album: Mesoft

  5. Shriven


    From the album: Mesoft

  6. Ohnoes @ Korea. Japan has said it's "making preparations", China is going "woooah chillax bra". Good times.


    1. cazboab


      There are comments here now too shriv, so you can reply directly instead of setting a new status....

    2. aznriptide859


      yea i dont like that either...i liked it when the subforum direction was at the top XD.

  8. has just booked for MA6.5

  9. The Mall is a great site, and I just ordered a HH Rift Fleece :3

  10. Wait did I mean '10?

  11. Operation: Morning After 6, Arnies Airsofts forum regulars invite only game at Gunman Tuddenham in Suffolk. BUST EM. Held off the entire enemy team from three sides virtually on my own for about 10 minutes WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?! My latest victim walks off ( with several others) after a BFG shaped present... After a hiliarious pistol run after the enemy failed ( for the third time) to properly clear the area. With Marlowe down and a baddeh directly outside the windows, I try to find out which one of the ten trillion windows he's going to be in... GOTCHA. Safezone w
  12. What mag pouches are those? Me likey!
  13. Nice. I got stung on the bellend a few weeks by a wasp. That *suitcase* was not fun.
  14. No. Never has been. Principality of England since countries existed. Thems our bitches yo. Also, I'm sure there is some sort of truckers charity, but the difference between a truckers job and a soldiers job is enormous. Soldiers dedicate their lives to each other and people they've never met, have people ACTIVELY trying to kill them on a daily basis. Truckers drive. They do it for money, nobody is trying to kill them ( since they're the deadliest thing on the roads). Help For Heroes exists because the soldiers aren't looked after properly. It doesn't give a flying *suitcase* about wha
  15. "play attention, the pic 3 is download from interest !!"
  16. My latest baby: VFC KAC PDW. Same one from PR4... I told him I'd buy it off him one day I've got the short barrel, a KAC muzzle brake, EOTech 551, PEQ15 ( working red laser) with a 7.4 1100mah lipo in it. GORGEOUS little gun.
  17. Portugese laws... and they seem to getting tighter and tighter, I swear each post includes more neon than the last
  18. Me and a team mate at Serial 20 yesterday. No other pictures of the event unfortunately. S'me on the right
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