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  • Birthday 03/01/1987

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  • Airsofter since
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    G36c (marui - still kick ass)
    CO2 m191 beretta
    Gamo Vampir Scope, with torch and laser attached
    Flecktarn load-out,
    Smokes and Thunders
    Thats about it - all i need (and can afford)!
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    ya mum (a witty retort to any situation!)
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    United Kingdom

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    Dover, Kent
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    Acting, Singing, Airsoft, Skiing and my band - i probably have others but can't currently recall them!
  1. solitaire360

    What's your backup?

    TM 1911a1 - Good ol' reliable pistol right there. Would like to get an mp5k (aeg) in the future though, to combat those winter gas venting issues.

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