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  1. Hello everyone, I started airsoft in 2005, and stopped around 2010 for family and financial reasons (with the odd game on and off since then), I say this as a kind of pre-apology for the possibly noob-like nature of my query - I aim to get back into the sport, hit the ground running, and this is where I hope you come in. This isn't a simple 'what gun should I get?' but more a 'what should I do to X AEG once I've got it, to make it more like Y AEG?' (hence the positioning of this particular thread in the technical section). Still owning my ancient, trusty JG Aug A2, my first goal will
  2. Where can i get a flat rail kit for under £40 guys? Need to put some different iron sights on mine too. Yours' (mostly!) look awesome btw.
  3. That's a lovely G36c roscoedillan, when I get mine in June - I plan to have it looking something just like that! May I ask what suppressor you have there?
  4. TM G3A3 with Real Wood Furniture & Full Metal Body! Those old mags of mine don't really do it justice - I would get some old-style KA waffle mags, if I weren't selling (its too damn big!).
  5. I agree with Shriven on most points - in that iron sights are better for the job, when it comes to airsoft. But hell, do I want one of those things! Damn you c.o.d.4!
  6. As the question states; I heard these guys are great chaps etc, but I'm always none too sure about trying out a new retailer, and parting with my hard earned' if I'm unaware of said retailers reliability. I know it may be alot to ask, but I can't exactly do it, as I haven't bought off em! The reason I put the request here was because I thought that the review could be put in the retailer review section of Arnies Airsoft. Thankyou Solitaire360
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