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  1. Blacksheep Milsim Opfor The progression over the years shows... 1st event - 2nd event - Most recent - There are a few years in the middle with missing pictures. As the event grows so goes the group of players that are needed.
  2. until
    Operation Blacksheep @ The Cove is a large-scale MilSim event carefully designed to bring you the ultimate objective oriented, force-on-force airsoft experience. This 21-hour, continuous tactical simulation takes place at The Cove Campground, Gore, Virginia. This 3,000 acre site is well suited to uphold the standard of competitive airsoft and enhance the quality of your combat experience. Those participating in Operation Blacksheep @ The Cove will compete with and against committed and proficient players from around the world in a battle of tactical skill and endurance. We strive to provid
  3. until
    https://www.opblacksheep.com/ Operation Blacksheep is carefully designed by retired U.S. Army Infantry Major John Bucciarelli. He is the author of the MILSIM Tactics Manual and the MILSIM MOUT Manual and since his retirement has been teaching combat effectiveness and preparedness to committed players nationwide. His devotion to the sport is manifested in his training programs and in the attention to detail required to effectively simulate real tactical operations. He has designed a number of successful and popular training events and event series since he began investing in his pas
  4. http://oppineplains.com/opp5/ HIGHLIGHTS: This is a 21 hour, force-on-force, objective oriented, continuous combat simulation at the Fort Drum MOUT CTF. This site has been outfitted to reflect in-theatre battlefield conditions for units deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. Company Commanders (CO) for each side: Retired US Army Infantry First Sergeants (1SG) for each side: Retired US Army Infantry Platoon TACs (Trainer/Advisor/Coach) (one per platoon): Retired US Army Infantry. Platoon TACs (Trainer/Advisor/Coach) will be responsible for tactical training, guidance and mentori
  5. Noobgunner - what do you mean your having body sag issues??
  6. The susat has horrible eye relief with full seal goggles. If you guys can show me how to mount the EoTech to the UGL sights I'll give it a go.
  7. Drake that is a sexy FN you have there!!!
  8. That para rifle looks great, how many layers did it take?
  9. No Trace 13 - Thanks a great looking Replica!! Nice Job.
  10. Somegirl - Best looking set of twins I have seen in a while, nice job!!
  11. Masak - Looks good man!!!
  12. Looks great Guys, something here in the US we are striving for.
  13. Voodoo you have some crazy looking hair man!!!
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