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  1. Bought a USP .45 off of him. Everything arrived as described and the shipping was fast. He responded to PMs very quickly. Highly recomended seller!

  2. Great seller. Everything arrived as described and quickly. Highly recomended.

  3. Excellent seller! fast shipping! thanks

  4. My VFC AK with its obnoxiously large silencer. Haha. DP
  5. Does anyone have that clone Kobra on an AK74? I've been considering buying one but I would like to know what people think about it. DP
  6. I have a PBS coming from Ebay Banned and I want it now! It's going to be so shexy. DP
  7. Great buyer. Easy to work with. A+

  8. MAN Blood-CLot that is one sexy AK. Love it! Makes me want to mess around with my dead stock VFC AK74U. DP
  9. Me at Tactical Paintball in Harwood, Texas. They just kept on coming over that ridge and onto that path. Easy kills. DP
  10. It cries for being hit by the ugly branch so many darn times. lol DP
  11. Dude, who cares, they are just having fun. I love the cardboard box bunkers lol. DP
  12. I've been thinking about this a while, but does the real P90 have a metal or plastic receiver? I'm just curious because the ECHO 1 does, but the TM doesn't. DP
  13. I love this picture. I don't know why, I just do. DP
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