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  1. Bought a USP .45 off of him. Everything arrived as described and the shipping was fast. He responded to PMs very quickly. Highly recomended seller!

  2. Great seller. Everything arrived as described and quickly. Highly recomended.

  3. Excellent seller! fast shipping! thanks

  4. Great buyer. Easy to work with. A+

  5. chaoswithinthed

    M14 Picture Thread

    It cries for being hit by the ugly branch so many darn times. lol DP
  6. chaoswithinthed

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Painted my UMAREX P99 for a springer war coming up. Looks sweet! DP
  7. chaoswithinthed

    M14 Picture Thread

    Ah man, very nice. The gun looks great and the pictures are awesome. Nice work! DP
  8. chaoswithinthed

    M14 Picture Thread

    Heat it up with a hairdrier and use ALOT of force. The actual flash hider doesn't unscrew, you have to take off the whole front sight in the process. That little castle nut comes unscrewed. DP
  9. chaoswithinthed

    M14 Picture Thread

    I give you permission to keep on sharing your pictures. It is a very nice rifle. Nice pictures with the box in the background! DP
  10. chaoswithinthed

    M14 Picture Thread

    Your Classic Army M14 is gonna be ticked DP
  11. chaoswithinthed

    M14 Picture Thread

    Very Nice M14 HuDeani. DP

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