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  1. You don't really get anything from the higher spec. PC's. I have the Paraclete sohpc and I absolutely love it. But a new Warrior DCS carrier would have given me the same in terms of features and functionality at about one quarter of the price I had to pay in order to get a second hand sohpc. And considering the amount of Warrior gear currently in use in theatre. It is far good enough for airsoft. But impression wise, it is hard not to have to shell out big time on high end gear if one want to be accurate. Edit: Or that is not entirely correct. With the higher spec. PS's you often also get
  2. True, the high end brands are out of reach for the majority of airsofters. And as a owner of quite a few of the high end brands I must admit that there is no need to reach for the skyes in most cases. Recently I have come to the conclusion that at least some geardos have completely lost their critical sens when it comes to quality and blindly spend money on gear that is mostly used for photo sessions just to bad mouth anyone who dears to post a picture of a Warrior carrier. Truth be told, the biggest bang for the bug is found in the middle range. I have not been as disappointed with the build
  3. I can't find a single picture of a paraclete sohpc in mc sown with printed webbing and not folded and stitched cordura. True the sohpc in cb has cb webbing, but the multicam... Im still to see the first one, but I would like to be proven wrong.
  4. It is not only the Chinese companies that just folds and stitches the same material at the rest of the vest to make the PALS. High end brands like Paraclete does the same.
  5. Just a quick one for those of you sporting the S&S Precision V-light on your helmets. I have been looking on to getting a pair of V-lights for my helmet and they retail for about US$50 a piece internationally or about the double nationally with all of out silly taxes so before I have them in my hands it is roughly the same. But then I read the following on the S&S precision webpage: Now this seems odd to me. A 50$ light with none replaceable batteries? Anyone that can confirm this first hand?
  6. CKinnerly are bang on the money. It feals more natural to me to draw that way. I'll se if I can take a pic tomorrow.
  7. Thanks Corrigan. As mentioned there would be a minor change to the loadout. Here is the current setup including 1st line: I know that some now will ask if not the pistol is a bit to far to the rear to be reached and if the SOHPC don't makes the pistol mags inaccessible. Well the placement of the pistol is not just random as it happened to be the easy placement due to an open slot on the brokos belt. I need the pistol to be out of my work space until I need it. And no the pistol mags are easily available.
  8. Well the 58 pattern belt is actually doing the job quite well. It is a bit bulgy but the buckle is never going to open unintentionally and the length of the belt is not going to self adjust. It is a pain to mount accessories to and get properly adjusted, but when it is done it's done for good.
  9. My first line kit: Vtac Brokos 58 pattern webbing belt (because the Vtac cobra belt is out of stock everywhere) Emdom USA 6o4 pistol mag pouch ITW Fastmag gen 3 Tyr Tactical small utility pouch Maxpedition rolly polly medium Crye Decision gunclip Grimloc
  10. Finally I got around to get my winter setup ready for action: Paraclete SOHPC Blue Force Gear Tenspeed triple pouch Emdom USA small utility pouch Pantac small radio pouch Petzl carrieTool Energizer Hardcase torch The rest of the kit are located on my first line. My second line needs to be as low profile as possible, with only a few essentials. The Tenspeed pouch will be substituted by 3 osprey mk4 single pouches with lids to protect the mags when I'm crawling in the field as reloads primarily are done from first line.
  11. I think it is about time I get my USP posted in the threat: KSC USP .45 FS Shooters Design slide and barrel set titanium color (even thou it looks a lot like green to me) GG&G mount for TLR-1 Streamlight TLR-1 Still to come is a set of Guns Modify Tritium night sights, but they are sold out everywhere at the moment.
  12. Yes, the location where the last picture is taken are Brikby.
  13. Not exactly new pics, but still some of the better ones taken of me:
  14. The way I did it was to paint the helmet in a base colour, then place a net over the helmet ensuring a tight fit and then spraying the helmet over again with a different colour. Not completely contempt with the result I just keept applying the net and sprayed a little, checked the result, replace the net, sprayed etc. until the result was acceptable. This was my first paint job on a helmet and getting the colour and pattern just remotely right, did take some attempts and more paint than planed. With a little experience, 2-3 coats of paint should be enough. As a net I used a scrim scarf. Bu
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