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  1. Indeed, push the button and its momentary, hardly moves though!
  2. I have 4 L111's for that, much bigger bang too!
  3. And the charges were a load cheaper, Id rather lob a mk5 and not spend half and hour looking for the bits and putting it back together!
  4. Here is what actually happened. A few people asked if they could use the GR-20 I asked what it was and hey showed me. I thought it was too loud for normal games and didnt like the flash it gave off I incidentally called my insurance company and asked if they had heard of the GR-20 They hadn't I asked it it would be covered, they said until they knew what it was, NO I gave them the details of the product and they said they would look into it. I have no been able to get through to JD Airsoft on the phone once. I am still waiting to hear. I personally thing they are too lou
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