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  1. -=SHODAN=-

    Videos Thread !

    NOooooo I'm in Hungary right now using an old hotel comp (600Mhz CPU!) I'll NEVER be able to watch that vid until I get back.
  2. -=SHODAN=-

    Videos Thread !

    Don't like the music as much though (The shots are truly amazing compared to the last one)
  3. -=SHODAN=-

    Videos Thread !

    Muahahah 16 mb broadband (around 4 minutes)
  4. -=SHODAN=-

    Videos Thread !

    I'm afraid I will go blind and burst my eardrums after just looking at the video for 2 seconds. Looking forward to it!
  5. -=SHODAN=-

    Videos Thread !

    My computer is awaiting to crash and explode due to the sheer awesomeness of your next video.
  6. -=SHODAN=-

    Videos Thread !

    Hmmm really looking forward to your next vid. This one to me was perfect...the length felt just right, not too short but makes you want more. The music and shots fitted together nicely too.
  7. -=SHODAN=-

    Videos Thread !

    Ooooh very nice, possibly one of the only airsoft videos that are actually good. My computer's fan is really loud now.

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