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  1. Shooting anyone armed with a knife within that distance to death is the only option you have. Other than getting stabbed to death.


    geez, i'm all for self defense and I would even support right to carry if I was in the US, but that's just exagerated... What did ppl do when guns did not exist and someone attacked them with a knife? They all got stabbed to death by their agressors? There are other options then shooting when you are not facing an agressor with a firearm. Hundreds of schools teach those options... ;)


    @cold_war_baby How would you compare the quality before YouTube and after? Was it alot better? I bought an ATC2K myself for fun but didn't have the chance to test it yet, too busy with wedding preparation :P

  2. And you would never be a judge, because you've never read the law.




    Law here isn't the same as the law in the US ;) As for the real world experience, you are right, I don't have a ccw (almost impossible to have here) nor am I a LEO. But I have enough experience with dumbasses to say that with a 5 feet distance, you have more than enough time to react in that particuliar kind of situation.


    I understand the intent behind the clip, but it could have been made a bit more... professionally.

  3. Well, the one major problem I see with the Sig clip... The clip suggests using lethal force in the form of an handgun when you have a guy pointing a knife at you from hmm... 4-5 feet away. If I was a judge, I WOULD consider this excessive use of force, but hey ;)


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