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  1. Nervikaire

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Bad background and bad picture, but the baby is nice
  2. Nervikaire

    Videos Thread !

    M-214 motor test Small video of the homemade M-214 two teammates built... (pictures posted in the Homemade stuff thread) At that time the gun wasn't painted and as it's said in the description, the barrels weren't solded, hence the shaking.
  3. Nervikaire

    Videos Thread !

    geez, i'm all for self defense and I would even support right to carry if I was in the US, but that's just exagerated... What did ppl do when guns did not exist and someone attacked them with a knife? They all got stabbed to death by their agressors? There are other options then shooting when you are not facing an agressor with a firearm. Hundreds of schools teach those options... @cold_war_baby How would you compare the quality before YouTube and after? Was it alot better? I bought an ATC2K myself for fun but didn't have the chance to test it yet, too busy with wedding preparation
  4. Nervikaire

    Videos Thread !

    Law here isn't the same as the law in the US As for the real world experience, you are right, I don't have a ccw (almost impossible to have here) nor am I a LEO. But I have enough experience with dumbasses to say that with a 5 feet distance, you have more than enough time to react in that particuliar kind of situation. I understand the intent behind the clip, but it could have been made a bit more... professionally.
  5. Nervikaire

    Videos Thread !

    Well, the one major problem I see with the Sig clip... The clip suggests using lethal force in the form of an handgun when you have a guy pointing a knife at you from hmm... 4-5 feet away. If I was a judge, I WOULD consider this excessive use of force, but hey
  6. Nervikaire

    Videos Thread !

    QuickPass DOW Pit QuickPass II DOW Pit Sorry if they already been posted, made a search but couldn't find them. Those games where hosted and organized by the Dogs Of War, a team here in Quebec. *edit* 56k go hide in a corner! (forgot to mention it the first time, sorry)

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