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  1. 8/13 Last Chancers WAPAAAAH.
  2. Ah interesting, from my experience multiscam tends to be more tan and lighter colours, the multicam I have is the propper stuff and has a fair bit of green and brown in it
  3. A lot of people say OD doesnt work with MC... I beg to differ Massive chairsoft
  4. Bought a Ciras unit off him, great contact, speedy delivery.... recommeded seller!!!

  5. My general purpose gaming loadout; not the prettiest but it gets the job done;
  6. Some of me playing at absolute on sunday; Any references to the 'Dont worry sir, I'm from the internet' pic will only end badly - Gaz
  7. There's my SWATSASGIGNSEALSOMGWTF impression... And I wanst wearing a belt so the trousers look like bizarre pantaloons over my kneepads and the thigh holster is downstairs where I couldnt be bothered to go at the time... Plenty of other shortcomings I'll let you find for youself, getting some new boots and oakley SI gloves to replace those POS's. - Gaz
  8. Really like that Brandon, might have to steal your idea there
  9. Aye tis the 3 barrel DE something-or-other
  10. Older pic of my old TM M16 setup. One of my favourite pics though
  11. TM G36C with extra goodies and a few upgrades Sorry for the iphone picture quality >.<
  12. Most of my rifles/smgs Sorry for the craptastic quality of first 3 pics, iphone cameras and unnatural lighting with a distinct lack of photoshop do not a high quality image make.
  13. Not so much used as repeatedly dropped, fell on, and bludgeoned with a chisel and file xD
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