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  1. @Hedganian: My comments seem to have gone to your head a little bit eh, My Liege? @Drake: Paintjob on that is looking amazing.
  2. I know. I want to build a proper M16A4 from scratch and having an actual three round burst would make it perfect. I'm not great at electronics so I'd prefer a pre-built unit.
  3. Interesting. I am thinking of buying an M16 of some kind but I was under the impression that the airsoft tubes were completly different to the RS tubes (hence the adaptors required for the Magpull stocks). This causes quite some confusion now. Or is it just the RS solid stocks that need an adaptor?
  4. I was thinking along the lines of urban nightops, but its not really that important to me. I mainly do woodland but my team has found that a laser can be useful for designating targets or drawing team mates' attention to certain objects. Tac light not so much, but I'd like the flexibility. I don't like barrel mounts because they always seem to brake on me. I've lost an expensive green laser that way, so now I prefer to keep everything on the reciever. This is easier on the AUG because it has a long enough rail to let me use a double sided offset mount, but the M14 rail is too short. In th
  5. I agree with plague here. M14 w/o rails is a thing of beauty. the EBR may be more practical for some but it certanly isn't going to win any beauty contests (especially if a proper M14 is entering ). I guess I'm also one of the anti-lego brigade as well. I'm working out a way to fit an eotech, laser and tac light all on a single, stanard rail.
  6. Or a SIG552. Those look pretty cool with ELCANs and there's a lot of new ones coming out soon
  7. This isn't going to be a repeat of the "flash hider/excluder" debacle is it? Carbine is one of those words that has been used to mean multiple things depending on who you ask even within the firearms industry. It often is used as a descriptor for shortened assualt rifles, although in this context the 16" AUG is indeed not called a carbine.
  8. Now you've told me about that sight I want it so hard, it hurts more than death. However if I had £1000 I'd have a lot of other things to spend it on first.
  9. Best to give Hedganian a PM I think. He is the king of AUGs around here.
  10. Theres a new ACM Phantom kit out at gunners: here Shame it isn't much cheaper than KA version. I'm not sure wether to get it or not at that price.
  11. Understatement of the Year Award nominee, no?
  12. Agreed. The star on the corner of the triangle seems to have been crammed in there just because you can rather than for any particular reason. Also, too many large blocks of contrasting colour.
  13. Oooh nice. Looks like just the ticket. If only I waited for your answer, I just payed for an order with ehobby. I might have been able to save a little shipping if I had combined the orders. Oh well. Thanks mate Imaginary +1
  14. Mojji Spyder? Its my dream scope. Bloody massive though.
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