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  1. I would like to add that Airsoft Innovations will start selling its grenade publicly this week. It was suppose to go live with it on Friday but MadMax had some server issues and it's a holiday on Monday in Canada so maybe Tuesday... Oh also, the grenade silicon oil is not included, missed that when I wrote the review early in the AM last night. It's sold separately and has enough oil for about 600 grenade tosses.
  2. Thanks for the kind words, I'm not affiliated with Airsoft Innovations but they were just released last Friday in Canada. Would expect them to hit international retailers shortly but other than that I don't know sorry.
  3. Filling the BBs is rather simple align your BB speed loader (or tube and rod if you’re old school), plug away till you meet resistance then repeat on the opposite side. The first few times you load may be difficult but once you find the angle that works things will be easy. Once the BBs are loaded, screw the bottom cap on and the AI Tornado is armed and ready to go. BBs are held in the grenade via clips at the entrance. If you forget the fill process, it is printed on the back of the grenade, along with the warnings and disclaimers. When armed with 180 BBs the Tornado does rattle ever so sligh
  4. Prepping and loading the AI Tornado with gas is pretty straight forward. Unplug the cap which exposes the hole at the top of the grenade (in picture one, the hole is circled in red), reset the grenade by inserting the resetting tool if necessary and insert the pin into the appropriate delay spot (1.5s or 3s). After the stuff at the top is done turn the grenade over and fill with your gas of choice (3-5 seconds is long enough), it’s important that the safety pin has been inserted otherwise the grenade will go off and pop in your hands. In the User’s manual AI includes a handy chart which gives
  5. Hello Arnies, long time lurker first time poster. Anyway this review was posted on my blog as well as Airsoft Canada but was told by a friend that I should post it here too so here it is. For many, airsoft is about simulation combat and one device that has been MIA from the scene is an effective grenade. The Escort, Deep Fire and PFI models (just to name a few) certainly look good but are not really practical to use due to low lethality. As a seasoned CQB player at the TTAC3 facility, I’ve had the luxury of trying many different grenades and all performed poorly. The Airsoft Innova
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