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  1. Picture of the Dude in Green wearing the UN blue helmet has a Canadian PASGT vest. They where used up until a 2001ish when they where replaced with the current Frag Vest. Dudes in Black with UN Blue helmet are RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officers, but not sure what they are wearing.
  2. My teammates AK. Yea its not mine, but I spent three hours yesterday dremelling the dam Element body to fit on the Tokyo Marui.
  3. Hum, interesting. I punished mine hard this summer + airsofting and so did my former roommate who wore a pair on CAP. Nevertheless, I see your point. Maybe I got a lucky pair? Who knows
  4. 133$ CAD through oakleyforces.ca aka .mil discount + restricted. Was at an Oakley store the other day and noticed that they had a pair on display and after comparison, had some big differences. Plus they where asking like 250$ lol
  5. Almost 100% sure you have a set of Gen 1 Oakley boots. I've been running a set of Gen 2 (military only, ID required to purchase) for close to six months and have beaten them really really hard and they are holding super strong. Hell, yesterday I slogged through over a foot of mud and grit, Lake Ontario water and sandy beach; plus actually having to assault over a lot of high walls and they were champs.
  6. Right now just using the standard harness for it, may grab a ATS H-Harness though.
  7. Nope, we don't have anything like that.
  8. Modded Eagle Universal Chest rig. Gonna throw some Eagle pouches on her soon
  9. Its the standard AR shirt that I got a hold of for pennies and because I'm me, had to do something to it. Initially I was going to simply RAID mod it, but decided that because its intended for summer play, I was gonna mod it kinda like a FROG 2 shirt, minus the fire retardant properties (to expensive to chop a DryFire shirt). I had a bunch of friends up in gagetown this summer for their CAP, kept pissing me off telling how they could get all sorts of stuff done to their kit by CP Gear and how they where wearing RAID modded *suitcase* and OTW shirts in the field When I play Airsoft
  10. Lawl... @ new rucksack and smallpack So after spending a summer at the MEGA and now having to go back next year, officially *fruitcage* my life =/ In other news *bhahahahahahahahahhaha* more insane modding on my part: The moment I hear some "Am dis som3 Dig2" comments I will lol sooo hard. Its not done yet, far from actually, but its a start. I like the OD shirt for color contrast and it does not really matter since you will never see it under the frag vest. And finally new customized Eagle chest rig to go over frag vest. Can't decided whether to throw on some Eagl
  11. Guarder makes one, you can also get RS ones, but don't know where. I have the guarder one, pretty much the same as the RS one on my issued C7A2
  12. RAHHHH!!!!!!! *Emperor Palpatine Voice* "Yessss, let the hate flow freely...." Well, thats alright actually lol, I just got MARS as a trade, soooooooo I wont be really touching rucksacks for the rest of my career after this summers fun with IAP and BOTC. Got recommended for Boarding Party + Combat Clearance Diver!!! But still, for funk's sake, I can never get issued anything that is not falling apart... like my helmet is from 1998.... 11 years old? Great =/
  13. Being me, and having bad habits concerning gear.... I enjoy tearing apart my stuff and rebuilding them just the way I want them. Got an Eagle universal chest rig a while back for 20$ and looked at it for a little bit too long, and decided I should have a go at it. Modding it to fit my needs as a light "convoy" rig. I don't really need more then 4+1 mags, but I do need room for a BOK, holster and a pouch to fit odds and ends like BUIS, batteries, ext. Need to put PALS webbing on it and the a couple of pouches to add on.
  14. Got an Eagle Universal chest rig for cheap (as in 20$ cheap) and as I always do with my gear, I looked at it for too long and decided I could make it more suitable to my needs. Gonna put two rows of MOLLE on the left side and four on the right...
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