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  1. Hi guys, from yesterday i have my own RS SVD , im just want say, that one of my friend, he hase a one off 1st pieces in europe, he runs it long time on 160 spring with standart battery and without any cause of damage...nice accurate.
  2. thank u for your sugestion ....i will do it as you said me ....do you know any other good ideas? thank a lot for your experience
  3. So ..today i try a shot from a gun and i forgot my stuck bolt in back position. Now its a broken but i expected it and i was look out for it. But what i saw inside? jeezs that piston was like a cake. I do scratch in to a body piston by my nail... Lucky is, that all internal parts are much better than piston. Tomorrow ill go buy a new piston with metal teeth and i put inside new spacer and of course middle gear. Cylinder head looks like from M14 but must be there some modifications, air seal nozzle looks like from M4 but its about 1mm longer. When i will do some upgrade...ill try post so
  4. Today a try put my short 110 rounds GP magazine to L85, and it fit perfect
  5. have someone any information about FPS in A1 version, and any information about release A2 version???
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