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  1. Bump! Images can now be found here: https://imgur.com/a/eUPIZ
  2. Make: KSC Gun/Model: USP .45 Japan Version (Pre-System 7) Accessories: Additional KSC Tawain Magazine (for two magazines total), Loading Rod, Hop-Up adjustment Tool, Manual Condition: Boxed in As New Collectors Condition. Never Skirmished or Holstered Approx 200 Rounds Fired Total Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price/Payment: £130 Collected or + Postage Pictures: Below I have here forsale my favourite airsoft replica, the KSC USP .45 Japan Version (produced by KSC in Japan). I'll be sad to see this one! Superb quality pistol, feels solid, additional realistic markings on the pistol and the original magazine. Excellent snappy and smooth action, fully working with no issues. This is a pre-system 7 pistol, so it fires more shots per gas fill. Also features a very nice a safety with working decocking function. As you can see from the photos it is in excellent condition as new condition and has seen very little use, target usage only, never skirmished or holstered. I've fired maybe 200 rounds through it in total if that. Well cared for using Abbey 134a gas only along with Abbey guncare products and high quality BB's. Comes boxed in the original packaging with the manual, other paperwork, loading rod, hopup adjustment tool and one additional magazine from a KSC USP .45 Taiwan. The difference with the original Japanese magazine and this Taiwan version being the less strict QC and the lack of markings which you can see in the picture below. I have been using the Taiwan magazine for the most part to try and preserve the laser cut markings on the original magazine as much as possible. Photos *FILE SIZE WARNING - All High Resolution 3-7MB Each* http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE1.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE2.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE3.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE4.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE5.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE6.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE7.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE8.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE9.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE10.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE11.jpg http://www.markljlewis.com/KSCUSPPICTURE12.jpg Buyer must have valid defence, collection very much preferred from Yate near Bristol, South West England due to difficulty posting a RIF. If you do collect I also have Abbey 134a, Ultra and Non-Abbey Green Gas, BB's, Abbey Guncare products at reasonable prices as quitting airsoft and therefore having a clearout. I also have a Lanyard that works great with this pistol. I will however post at buyers expense & acceptance of the risks. Hermes seem to be the go-to Courier for RIFs but it would be buyers choice at the end of the day. Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal Gift preferred (buyers choice) or cash if you collect. I can provide references from other places if required (mostly computer / tech forums like OcUK, Hexus, AVForums etc). Thanks for looking! Mark

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