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  1. Still around, joined in 2006 and pop in every now and again, moved twice, got married and had two kids. I miss the old days of the forums and when my wife and I use to play at Xsite Airsoft in Wycombe. Had a bit of a two year gap but just coming back in to play. A lot has changed, I tended to lurk alot 😉 Ta Rich
  2. Never had any problems with the G&D magazines if looked after, I also run a set of vanaras polymer magazines (from RSOV) those took a little breaking in, after gently stretching the spring I get no issues on full auto with occasional chopping with certain vanaras mags
  3. Thanks for the input, I have picked up the mag version first in about a weeks time it is pay day so I may grab the Orga one as well to compare. I normally run .25's as standard.
  4. Hi folks one of my DTW's I installed the FCC complete hop/barrel combo it fits fine but the Hop roller does not adjust the hop enough, does anyone have a good recommendation for an mod or replacement part I could install to get the hop to adjust correctly?
  5. Thanks mate, will grab a madbull one then ;-)
  6. Quick question is the DTW an AEG OR TW spec barrel nut as I want to change the M16 to an noveske NSR rail?
  7. Thanks LordElpus I will give that a go. Did you have to replace the outer barrel?
  8. Quick question I have two DTW's an M16A3 that is flawless in operation and the M4 CQB (giving me some grief) The CQB is giving some feed issue as I had fitted the STTS MDD Hop and inner barrel. The Mags fit in (little tight) but I notice rub the top of the magazines and give me some feed issue as the turn dial seems to be a little think and the magazine not quite seating right? I like the inner barrel but what are people using for there HOP unit/inner barrel on there DTW's? Am I best to change the outter Barrel and use a Systema HOP? Any advise would be appreciated.
  9. Piston head not sticking, my TM 1911 hated the 9ball piston head on it, switched back to stock and fine. The valve in the loading nozzle fine? Checked the valve knocker (if right term) not stuck/broken? Just a few thoughts.
  10. Moved the right side of the belt arround a bit as the holster was not sitting right, so got rid of the knife pouch as I only use it on certain games, note different 6004 for my Glock 19 with TLR1 light, I really do need to pick up the QLS attachment to swap from 1911 to glock holsters easier. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. A Quick snap as I am getting used to wearing a Safariland 6004 at the moment, everything looks a little squashed but when worn it fits like a glove and everything is easy to reach. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Warrior PLB Belt, 2x 5.56 pouches (total 4 M4 mags), 2 Single pistol pouches,1x flecktarn rolling dump pouch 1x medium general utility pouche (being used for First Aid Kit and belive me I have used it and replish it!), 1x utility pouch, knife pouch (cold steel training knife), Flecktarn Suspenders, Safariland 6004 (taking care of a TM 1911A1 with VFC Surefire 310r clone). The ho
  12. The Muari G17 is known for being slightly bigger than it 1on1 scale with the real steel, you could try: http://www.midwayuk.com/apps/eproductpage.exe/showproduct?SaleItemID=736608 Sadly out of stock but should be able to find something similar, uncle Mikes do some good multpurpose holsters like the Pro-3 holster that can hadle the weapon and light, I have an much older one before the Pro-3's (ex-MOD police) and it can do double duty for holding a Glock 19 with weapon light and what I normally carry in there in my Muari 1911A1 with Surefire 310r weapon light. Just make sure you get one
  13. Mine arrived yesterday and I think the best way to describe it is.... Awesome! There where a few things i noticed and these are just my intial thoughts: Check the magazine screws are tight, the first mag vented as the locking screw was a little loose. The Buffer tube seems to be a little odd in size as my Magpul CTR stock with friction lock is a little loose, nothing a differnt buffer tupe or a bit of electrical tape can't fix. Its light, my wife (an airsofter herself) finds it very comfortable. Very pointable more so than my normal M4's that I use. Intial plinking shots give you a
  14. This thread needs some more love My second Hi-Capa (My wife inherited my first one), more humble than most here but it's smart and functional and I must say changing the hand grip was the best thing I ever did. Sadly I attempted to fit the threaded outer barrel from evike: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=30773 The slide does not cycle fully and I suspect it is something to do with the locking ribs in the slide compared to the ribs on the outer barrel. Does anyone have an idea on how to get the barrel working? Anyway sorry to the pistol:
  15. Thanks for the heads up for the light, I have sourced somewhere in the UK for the real deal and I have just recieved my bunji cord for the holster so I will be posting an update on how I set it up cleanly later on at the weekend hopefully. Note I spoted this on ebaybanned looks the same: http://www.ebairsoft.com/black-eagle-flash...ols-p-2563.html Cheers Rich
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