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  1. I wonder if "the other distributor" will get enough parts from WETTI (in a reasonable time). And if: why can he? And is "the other distributor" WETTI-approved? What about warranty? And if the other distributor can supply, why isn't it possible for Tactical.... Tactical IS on the "WETTI worldwide net" list, so in my very very humble opinion this would make them a bit priviledged WETTI-partners, no? And if even those can't get "the service" that is not good news. First idea that pops up is: the "other distributor" is NOT an official WETTI-partner. Bye bye "look for the 'buy the real WETTI
  2. Off topic; I know, but rather important to us WE-GBB fans IMHO: On the TacticalQuartermeister (part of WETTI's WorldWide Network, until now) site it says "WETTI... We are sad to say we will no longer be dealing with WETTI for WE items. this is down to WETTI no being able to give us the service we needed. We have now ordered rifles and mags from another supplier and hope to have these in asap." Another shop who did care leaving the famous WorldWide Network... Also the WETTI WorldWide Network claims Sniperairguns (Germany) is there for Belgian customers... I would like to know
  3. I've put a shim in, didn't really help. Then I loosened ("unscrewed") the stock-tube 2 turns, now boltcatch is working. Did you already try that?
  4. I think you need to screw it OUT about 2 turns (that helped for me and I think it's mentioned somewhere in this thread).
  5. OK, got it. I've got a 0.2 shim in there now but that doesn't solve the bolt-not-locking. I will see if I can find a 0.1 shim in a new set somewehere. Thanks for the info !
  6. How did you knock the pin /axe out? From front to rear or vice versa ? When I try (very gently) it won't move in any direction and I don't won't to ruin it. Thanks!
  7. Just had a look at that aggma article. Seems interesting. Seems very LATE. And certainly "in a store nearby in 2012 - 2013" ? This is the 4 th generation hop-up (and barrel and ...) and WE still believes we should buy this again and again (at the prices the "sole distributors worldwide, if you can find one" ask?)... If I had bought (but I couldn't because there was no supply, great) every new barrel / hopup / surroundings and some spare hopup rubbers (because, remember, it was a lucky draw to get useable ones) I think for that money I could have bought a nice AGM RIS GBB wi
  8. Yep, the same guy with the "World Wide Network" :-). For over half a year there has been en French company mentioned to take care of France, Belgium, Luxemburg: they have disappeared. The German company mentioned has some ridiculous prices for some items. IF they have items... Seems they have inner barrel with "new hopup" finally. Yeah, half a year after it was advertised and two weeks before yet another "new version" is there. Extremely professional handling of parts for "professional weapons training systems" one must say. And I do not blame the German company, because I'm willin
  9. Could you be so kind to explain a bit more detailed where exactly you put this washer? Thanks in advance.
  10. Texts and images are "copied" from the AB site... In the text one can read: "To order this new release, please order in our e-shop or send an email to enquiry@airsoftbuddy.com for quotation and pay to our Paypal account at payment@airsoftbuddy.com...." Nice find, Eliminator. The domainname is registered at a Dutch registrar... And nameservers are .ru. Doesn't "feel" very trustworthy to me. Looks as if someone is planning a "take the money and run" business. So I think.
  11. I read at some other HK-shop's webpages there is/was some holliday oct 25-26. Perhaps thta's why things are so silent at th HK front. But I get the impression to these last weeks the HK-webshop-people are very very silent.
  12. Airsoftbuddies shop has new chormed (funny how this type is being copied over and over again:-))... chromed inner barrels with a new hop-up rubber (seems it's no longer green but black now). Anyone has already tried these new new rubbers? Are these rubbers available somewhere? Is it only the rubber that's new or did the barrel change to? Thanks.
  13. I just noticed the Sole German (Austria, Swiss) WE-dealer finally has the M4 CO2 conversion-kit in stock. That would be great news for us European neighbours. But there is a big 'but' IMHO: Their WE M4 GBB CO2 conversion kit costs 69 Euro ! 69 Euro = approx. 103 US$ ! Whe all know most (HK)shops have the conversionkit priced at 39 US$. 39 US$ = approx. 26 Euro So the German store adds 64 US$ pure profit, based on the End User Retailprice in most (HK) shops. And this is not "free shipping".... If WE is charging that much (more) for the items th
  14. It says "for-WA-M4-series". WA is Western Arms. Not WE (Wei-Etech). So to be safe I would not count on those parts to fit. But perhaps someone knows "for sure".
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