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    Leeroy Jenkins is my saviour

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    TM G36c (6.04 tightened barrel and M100 tune up)
    TM G18c AEP (6.04 tightened barrel)
    TM GSPEC (6.04 tightened barrel & m120 Spring)
    UTG 870 Shotgun
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    "Stick by me and you'll never get hit..."
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    United Kingdom

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    Music, theology, music, zombies, music, movies, music, food, music, comics, music, DJing, music, cats, music, teh interwebs, music, the Wog movement, music, history, music, politics, music, clowns, music, technology, music, cyberpunk, and music.
  1. raggedyman

    What's your backup?

    TM Glock AEP - has full auto and with a tightened barrel gives you about 6 seconds of spray :-) also has a nice low FPS for CQB fun
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