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    Leeroy Jenkins is my saviour

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    TM G36c (6.04 tightened barrel and M100 tune up)
    TM G18c AEP (6.04 tightened barrel)
    TM GSPEC (6.04 tightened barrel & m120 Spring)
    UTG 870 Shotgun
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    "Stick by me and you'll never get hit..."
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  1. NOOOO!!!! All that time making all those pithy comments to get random strangers to give me a pixel teachers stars - wasted! ;-p *ahem* errr - okay, some good and some bad from the removal but I guess thats the way it goes. We shall simply have to use post count to judge the size of our cyber-wangs from here on in ;-)
  2. raggedyman


  3. Still a noob so if you could point me to where it should ahve gone I'll happily respost it there.
  4. Purchase - TM G36C with Tightened Barrel and FPS Upgrade. Bought from - Wolf Armouries Cost - Including Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, 2 x large battery, 2 x hi-cap clip, face mask, charger, 3k BB's, silicon spray, battery sling, and P&P = £550. The shop - Nice looking store, lots of gear and very well presented. The staf are more than happy for you to hold the goods to help make up your mind and will take items out of packaging whereever possible. The staff themselves were 50/50, half knew their stuff and were willing to help whilst the other half either didn't know much about anything o
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