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  1. Fine. Couple occasional leaks from the tank, bit tightened the screw and no more leak
  2. Possible! I'll strip it down and check. Not too concerned as I rarely use FA anyhow but I'd like it there
  3. So full auto kinda works now... If I pull the trigger back and rack it full auto engages, release trigger and pull again still got full auto. However not if I rack it with the trigger forward just becomes bolt action again. Semi is still fine.
  4. Yup the full drop in kit, didnt want to mess around buying individual parts.
  5. Not sure I've not been able to seal them 100% properly yet. Also Z-Parts kit arrived! Very quickly from Redwolf HK 4 days on standard $8 shipping + NO Tax! Well impressed! However while it does drop in and its high quality I've only got Semi auto, full auto doesnt work, just fires one shot and doesnt reset!
  6. First breakage! Disconnecter snapped off causing a runaway gun! Ordered the Z-Parts drop in kit, that way I can use that and have a trigger box of spares if needed.
  7. True, could do with a bit of updating and some tighter tolerances in areas. Like the trigger bar, stainless steel inlet nipple, MAGS THAT DONT LEAK FROM EVERY DAMN SEAL other than that I think it's a pretty solid gun. I do want a metal/steel RDS upper though! With or without the RDS I don't care!
  8. Probably the only way they could sell them in the US. On another note my P90 is running very well! Though I keep forgetting to rack the bolt when I change mag Mags are still the worst thing ever, I've now come to a new issue which is bloody annoying, if the mags in and not leaking and I rest on the mag or move it slightly it leaks from the mag to gun seal. Annoying yes but its only a tiny amount of gas at the minute. I've also found it does not like to fire if the mag is fully gassed, so I vent a little out before loading then works perfectly.
  9. Yup even I made one! Two actually took all of an hour works perfectly too. Used my P90 all day yesterday! Was fantastic except for during one game where it decided to double feed, then was fine again half a mag later.... Odd. Mags a still *suitcase*, all 8 where leaking I managed to get 4 leak free for the game but one refused to hold bbs. So yeah... When I got back I went about fixing the other ones, looks like i've got them leak free for the time being. I wrapped PTFE around the exit valve and fitted a second stronger spring to force the valve down harder. Seems to have worked..
  10. After 4 years probably at least 50k rounds I have had my first breakage! The nozzle snapped Looks like some bb fragments got stuck below the hop unit and caused a hairline fracture. I went to strip it down for a full clean and it snapped in my hand! Luckily Airsoft Global had ONE in stock so en route to me! Massive long shot I know but does anyone know where I can get the FE Copper CNC nozzle inards?
  11. Mine all leak from the moving valve, you cant silicone that ! On my phone, my spelling will suck
  12. I am actually now strongly considering converting my P90 to HPA, the mags are just too awful and unreliable, plus it doesnt look like there are any uprated ones or uprated parts on the horizon. While I am usually firmly against HPA, the P90 is different due to the internal tank, means I never have to swap the line along with the mag and the hose would be pretty concealed. However I would not install the line connector at an angle, that does not seem like a good idea to me. Just trying to figure out how much I need to buy. As for the mags what would have to be done to them to mak
  13. So how is everyone getting on with their HK45s? My KWA is getting to the point where it has seen better days and will likely need replacing by the end of the year. It has been fantastic though! Considering either buying a brand new KWA or selling up and buying the TM HK45 Tacitcal and possibly the Detonator Ali slide. Anyone know how much it weighs in comparison to the plastic slide?
  14. You know with how absolutely poor the magazines are I may well convert mine to HPA. Out of 8 I have 3 are leak free the rest wont hold gas for more than 5 seconds
  15. Whats the range and accuracy like?
  16. Having a play last night, definitely impressed so far. Though the 2 shell storage is such a waste of space and annoying. It makes for potential failed reloads as I couple of times the shell fell into the left lot instead of the right. While I like TMs attention to detail they should have either made both sides feed, or just had a single central chamber imo. I'm thinking I will knock up some kind of guide, possibly out of an old shell which would guide shells into the correct chamber for speedier reloads. Also what shells feed happily in this? From what I remember the TM shells are cra
  17. I picked up a brand new KSG very cheap so very happy. Pretty awesome bit of kit, I quite like it! Well balanced, comfortable, its good! I shall have a proper go on the weekend On my phone, my spelling will suck
  18. Taken from WD themselves - "WD-40 can swell rubber or buna rubber gaskets when the gasket is immersed in the fluid. If the fluid is sprayed on and wiped off, the gasket will not swell. This swelling will not ruin the gasket, however it will swell the rubber. We use buna gaskets in every single can of WD-40 aerosol. We build the valves in our cans with this swelling in mind. After swelling the gasket retains its integrity." On my phone, my spelling will suck
  19. Not much tbh, its down to the small o-ring inside the exit valve. I had som success by soaking the said part in WD40 & silicone oil. WD40 causes the rubber orings to swell slightly, thus creating a better seal, tbe silicone, in theory keeps the oring supple. If it is a minor leak try the above, soak for maybe 4 hours and test. I do hope someone comes up with a better solution for this as my mags leak to no end! On my phone, my spelling will suck
  20. I suspected as much haha had to chexk! On my phone, my spelling will suck
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