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  1. Amazing! Where do you store the battery?
  2. Sweet paintjob, what kind of paint did you use?
  3. That Uzi is amazing, where did you get the realsteel parts from?
  4. Great paintjob, i just love that silencer But the gun, needs to look more "used" and "beat up"...
  5. Sounds great, have you testet the precision, on a upgraded weapon?
  6. Is the G&P ACOG worth the money? How is the adjustment sittings and the precision?
  7. Where did you get the funiture from? And was it hard to fit?
  8. Some of my older guns, new ones on the way
  9. Why was the battery in the front, a pain in the *albatross*? Is your FAL upgraded?
  10. I have to ask, how big of a battery can you fit in it? And is it upgraded in any way? Btw, sweet FAL
  11. My rig/gear is not issued gear, apart from the standart combat uniform, so i will not get arseraped
  12. It's not in production any more... sorry But there are alternatives. Combatkit makes some in m84. http://www.combatkit.net/products.php?g=40&page=5 inf-wear.dk http://www.shop.inf-wear.dk/default.php?cPath=23_46_48
  13. Yes Above: Danish T/99 desert and German Wüstentarn Above: comparison of the T/78, M/84 and T/99 desert. German Wüstentarn has: 13.3 % of green, 17.5 % of brown and 69.2 % tan Danish M/84: 30.8 % black, 60.3 % olive green and 8.9 % light green Danish T/99: 30.8 % brown, 60.3 % tan and 8.9 % green
  14. I have been a Royal Life Guard, and he's wearing the Service and not the combat uniform
  15. About 305km from Sindal You can use a Buff as a bandanna: And other thinks http://www.taktiskforum.dk/forum/index.php...=post&id=24 Shop: http://www.shop.inf-wear.dk/advanced_searc...amp;x=0&y=0 Contact info: http://www.shop.inf-wear.dk/contact_us.php
  16. Only the weapons in the Danish army, are from coltcanada... don't ask me why The gear and other equipment, have nothing to do, whit Canada! Some more pic's for you guys Please tell me if you want more "real" or airsoft pictures. And let me see, some m84 from around the world
  17. Heh standard equipment in the army, its just borrowed for the picture setup
  18. Looking forward to se some loadouts Danish Airsoft team Esot, (like many other teams in denmark, plays in m84) Enjoy:
  19. And here is my rig, used in airsoft and real action.
  20. Many of you use American and British gear, but I will like to know/see if any one, out in the big airsoft-world, uses other camo’s like the Danish M84. Here are some “real” pictures of Danish soldiers, from my serving in the Danish army. Enjoy
  21. I'am looking forward to see some new pictures, and thanks a lot for the kitlist
  22. Sorry the first one, TT MAV.
  23. Is it possible to get a kit-list?
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