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  1. give those hooks side walls so that they cover up the hinge pins, I would assume in current state the thing would break even SLS printed in steel.
  2. IDK but never explicitly stating that you're selling them at X price, those major online airsoft stores' FB page avoid the same for some reason, and they seem doing fine. (except they're defined as commercial entities and required to pay quite a bit to reach people)
  3. Katotaka

    Getting Back into Airsoft.

    I'm sure someone would dust out his stock TM AEG from the last century and it will work fine, so I suggest OP do the same and #sendit before spending dollars.
  4. Katotaka

    Quality Chargers?

    ahem...... AFAIK "B6" itself is a clone of Bantam e-Station chargers, I still have one of the older models that don't even have balance function. It is done by an external unit, which I used a clone one....... if that means anything to anyone okay, it's 2019 now, we have better and safer chargers to choose from than we were in 2006
  5. Katotaka

    9mm AR GBBR’s?

    AFAIK Iron has one under development that seem to use TM mags
  6. Katotaka

    eHobby Asia not so dead...

    Not the rent alone but the whole environment in HK, generally speaking everyone's struggling just to stay alive Back on eH, I think I can say I saw it coming They moved out of the mall due to ridiculous increase of rent, now there is a ghost mall LOL!!! New shop was inside a industrial building - where technically you do retail there, but arrange pick-ups are fine (wink wink), yet they still did full retail service in there. Somehow got reported to the officials and they opened a tiny retail store nearby, in a hurry, which is physically impossible to shop in, and, if you purchase something you need to wait the staff bring the goods from the original shop (now warehouse) across the street. On top of that, the shop closes relatively early around 1900~1930 considering the new location not as convenient as the mall before. Meanwhile they acquired 5.11 franchise and opened a megastore in TST-East, where no one wants to shop there, nor 5.11 being very popular recently, people either buy better or cheaper stuff, some even rip-offs. ......... And, yeah, the search function on their website is so bad that they deserve to go down for just that alone
  7. Katotaka

    Umarex dual CO2 Shell Ejecting Lever Action Rifle

    Potential candidate for this? https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/01/31/potd-railed-suppressed-lever-gun/ P.S. I love how they just put the text of pronunciation of *fruitcage* (v.) in Cantonese, where it was in a extended form to emphasise discouragement of the stoppage. P.P.S. In Taiwan people use the same word to express cool, badass or being smug (adj.)
  8. Katotaka

    Guarder new TM Glock GEN3 frames

    The front rail area is just ultra realistic looking, not necessary VFC-related and it's still Gen 3 TM system, not that I'm complaining, but they already have whole gun worth of upgrade parts in their lineup so it's weird releasing just half the gun.
  9. Katotaka

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I do have APSC shooter qualification but didn't really participate too often, stopped playing before the switch to IPSC/AA member system, now my main activity is 3GN at the hard floor club.
  10. Katotaka

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    my first game ever was in the last century (2000), bought my first gun in 2002-ish but not really into the game until 2005-ish tried some competitive (un)practical shooting around 2010 and got addicted ever since, gradually decreasing activity on force-on-force games and more against paper but still play few times a year #feelsold
  11. Katotaka

    Delta P Brevis III MP7 Suppressor

    This is very cool! If I'm making this I would model the baffles and have it printed one-piece in SLS nylon to make it ultra authentic
  12. Katotaka

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Daaaaaammmmnnn I NEED dat patch
  13. the one on my MEU pistol uses a longer (I guess it is) sear pin to slot into the right side lever to keep it from wobbling
  14. Katotaka

    Dual pressure switch

    I believe it activates via shorting a 2.5mm phone connector of some sort, AKA TRS plug, so cutting and soldering is probably the best bet.
  15. Katotaka

    Current G series 'bestest modl'

    I guess you can use a Safariland 579 without a light
  16. Katotaka

    Marui news for the "TM Festival" next week

    I can't understand why TM is so obsessed with type 3 AKs and not making AKM instead
  17. Katotaka

    Marui news for the "TM Festival" next week

    the TM pic says "not 509" if you look close enough lol https://fnamerica.com/products/pistols/fn-509/
  18. Katotaka

    On Building Light Weight 4.3 1911

    ^this even metal slides break to the very same reason if they see some high volume usage
  19. Katotaka

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    IDK..... I would keep it RD style
  20. Katotaka

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I'm not sure I feel offended or intrigued
  21. Katotaka

    WE All new G series products

    AFAIK all gen 5 models have take down position (maybe also some pins) like previous gen G19's these... are not for the holster issue, dude showed using a safariland 5199 hoslter (for 17/22) which is not very picky about sizes IMO if he used a weapon light model ALS holster, locked and removed the gun WITHOUT a light I would be impressed
  22. Katotaka

    Ajustable rear sight for 1911

    You'll be fine, R29 is better than decent for what it is.
  23. Very cool build! Didn't know that MPL receiver is THAT limited....... just checked mine and it's indeed below #100
  24. Katotaka

    Prototype SIX12 Bullpup Airsoft Shotgun

    then you have an empty cylinder slightly larger then your fist, yes you can reload that thing with extra cylinders but imagine how you would carry them (both fresh and used ones), but yes still potentially more manageable then loose shells. speaking of actual use I don't see much APS in games, if at all most of my experience with APS shotties are from competitive practical shooting environment, the stuff they fire knock down blow away simulated clay pigeon made from metal plates, then bounce back and can be quite uncomfortable for spectators/shooters up range lol

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