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  1. esty would work-ish I think found a few shops on there selling my CC-Attribution licensed design
  2. Katotaka

    Tokyo Marui at 59th All Japan Hobby Show 2019

    I like how the label and stuff resemble gov issued packagings
  3. Katotaka

    Tokyo Marui at 59th All Japan Hobby Show 2019

    Government Another Government - SAO:GGO Some sort of FN LMG - next gen AEG
  4. Katotaka

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    MOAR carbon plates this is a small batch for my friends with a few extras
  5. Katotaka

    Spetsnaz machete

    This is how I do serrations around circle
  6. Katotaka

    Spetsnaz machete

    I believe you'll have to manually sketch the first 5 or 6 bumps, then extrude the first uniform one and pattern to fill the rest, and oh, maybe bigger fillet radius
  7. I think I read somewhere that's an one-off
  8. Katotaka

    Non-Hanging Slings

    I use quick-adjustable 2 point slings exclusively for few years, all in thicc padded flavours, let's say the ones from BFC, VTAC and Magpul MS1. Personally like BFG best. PC integrated slings sound great, if your PC got some heft
  9. Katotaka

    Spetsnaz machete

    definitely TPU
  10. Katotaka

    Spetsnaz machete

    OCD triggered by the sketch lol
  11. This project has been running for almost a year - not like I grind it everyday like a second job, but design > prototyping > testing > issues > new iteration at a slower pace. At the time of posting I'm considering it almost finished, let's say RC1 if I'm making a software, but I think this is still the best section to post my creation. PROBLEM: Current commercially available pistol-carbine "kits" are mostly for Glocks. Most, if not all, rely on insecure mounting methods in favor of quickly attachment/detachment - rendering aiming system less accurate (read: useless). Many different "host" gun models in the market, leading to inconsistent tolerance issues. Bulky clamshell looks bad and fat. MISSION: Make a conversion kit for Hi-Capa. Pistol securely mounted inside said kit, preferably able to return-to-zero after removal and reinstall. Looks cool AF. DESIGN CONSTRAINTS: Also many different Hi-Capas in the market, screw it and make it fits TM Hi-Capa 5.1 Only. Lack of proper mounting points, C-More sight mount pattern is used for drill/tap, drilling jig is created for easy installation. ALL custom parts have to be reasonably made on demand, main structural parts with be CNC milled carbon fiber sheets, and self made parts with FDM 3D printer How it started from a doodle early CAD model and 3DP pieces the most nitpicking mount, old gen non-adjustable ARMS QD on 3DP rail around the size of an Umarex/VFC MP7A1 first working prototype with all 3DP parts CF test piece and test fitting some updated 3DP parts and optional extended barrel piece, accommodates up to 250mm IB (M4 MWS) later CAD image very close to release version and, yeah, tons of test parts
  12. just wanna back on topic and add: I hate AW/WE pistols in general but H9 (and DVC3G) are very nice, handled them, shot them, decent performance, good finish, almost wanna guy them
  13. they obviously anticipated to pwn the carry optics division, and being shut down since the optic is not mounted on the moving part of the slide this sounds very salty to me
  14. tweaked dimensions and geometry a bit for the stock struts it's a oversight since I didn't really use the intermediate position, found out it is still too short for me even wearing a plate carrier if I use it against other humans plus it is in the way of the safety, while still usable but yeah it deserve some changes extended length by 15mm and the front end is now cut at an angle for better clearance, and aesthetic
  15. Katotaka

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    CNC machined carbon fiber stock strut pieces for my pistol carbine conversion
  16. you're right it's not supposed to shoot with stock retracted, doesn't really matter in airsoft though BTW, the class of match it's in (which I had in mind when I designed it) - PCC, pistol caliber carbine, if a shooter fires his PCC without putting the stock to his shoulder, it's a match DQ
  17. Katotaka

    Your favorite silenced pistols

    KJW? IIRC it's a clone-ish of Marushin for OP's topic, TM Mk23 is probably the best without contest
  18. and managed to got banned from being in the intended competition(division), where they benefit most from the design itself, ouch
  19. it has an ejection port, it's the window on the right side, you can only see the slide when the action is closed, lock the slide to the back and you will see the chamber through the window BTW I do take it to (im)practical shooting matches and they requires safety procedures like real firearms, ability to look through the chamber is require and able to poke out BBs is a plus
  20. Ouch, there was a mistake in my post and I couldn't edit "Null" barrel supports up to 7 inch IB (according to PDI, 163mm) instead of 8 inch
  21. Some glamour shots with two slightly different iterations, also showing few different modular features. RC1 with 250 barrel ext, integrated foregrip, ambi charging handle. Small side rail is M-LOK mounted, extra slots for lower mounting position and is mirrored on the right side. Same RC1, right side, 2 pos retractable stock in shorter position. Same, longer position, silver dots inside stock pad are neodymium magnets for easy stock deployment. The other magnets are visible near rear and of body. RC1 in black and Beta in gray, both wearing plastic parts printed in PLA-Plus - a slightly more impact-resistant variant of the material. Titanium screws are used on Beta because P R O T O T Y P E. Different kinds of muzzle piece, "Null" muzzle on Beta accommodates up to approximate 7 inch (~163mm according to pdi) inner barrel with barrel spacer printed in TPU (a flexible material). Stock barrel can also be used without hazard hitting the muzzle due to the bigger exit hole. 250 muzzle as the name suggests, accommodates an 250mm M4 MWS inner barrel. Also note Beta is sporting a left side only charging handle. Integrated foregrip VS bottom rail Foregrip features a 100-105 degree faces to mimic the same Hi-Capa angle, geometry near the top encourages a "thumb break" grip, a normal wrap around grip is possible but not very "optimized". 2-piece bottom rail design, rear section can be omitted during installation for a slimmer build, it also comes off with the host gun when maintenance is needed. A host gun without longer inner barrel can be released by removing SIX screws, host gun with looooong IB can be released by removing TEN and loosening TWO screws. In most instances, relative gun-optic position can be maintained with decent accuracy, stays in Alpha Zone of an action-air IPSC target at 10M range, but re-confirm is recommended.
  22. Katotaka

    TM Glocks AWOL from WGC Shop

    all that and part of my being lazy, also probably some of said terms make me feel filthy by just typing them lol
  23. Katotaka

    TM Glocks AWOL from WGC Shop

    argh shoot they're carried by U now but yeah, same deal, G trademark and stuff (appearance IP...?) are also registered here, things can go really bad quickly
  24. Katotaka

    TM Glocks AWOL from WGC Shop

    IIRC Pacific HQs of those two start with G and C are both in HK, you don't wanna mess with them too much when you're all in the same region - just a wild guess.
  25. IDK.... 80% jig? even with that I won't be too sure maybe a manual mill equipped with DRO, but that could still be PITA to work with

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